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Stephan Mar 9
Player, player
Watch your game
An ace from the deck of hearts
A weaver of words
An enchanter and a charmer
A liar, a breaker and a faker
An atrocity for some
A role model for more
A flawed human for none
The views vary and intertwine
Like the guilt he carries from acting like a swine
Blends with the reason he won't leave it all behind
Is it because he is a heartless monster?
He enjoys breaking hearts as he pleases
He is a ******* who plays with the feelings of women
He is a macho who chases, charms, uses and dumps
He views women as an object for his carnal pleasure
He is as bad as they come and he doesn't care
He has no morals
He is a menace
Or is it because he doesn't know any better?
Is it because he was raised in a society which approved and encouraged him?
Was he born that way or was he nurtured by the same society that now condemns him
Is it because he was taught that emotions are weakn ess
And that in his search for validation he lost himself and became what he is
Is it because he was told that a man's tears should never flow
That he now fears putting himself in a position which would allow it
As he is a lone soul navigating through life
Do you blame him for doing what everyone else is doing
Do you blame him for trying to the fit in the patriarchal society he was born into
Or do you blame yourselves for allowing yet another man to be lead astray
For making him what he is today?
I am in no way excusing his actions because he is grown
And he knows what he is doing is wrong
But my question is this,
Is it because he doesn't care or he just doesn't know how to?
We are quick to judge but never admit our own faults
Where there are thieves, killers and rapists
There is also a society that set up the conditions that lead to their existence
There is a people that hush up and hide crimes against their own blood
All for the sake of keeping face
We downplay the pain and dismiss it as attention seeking
While we preach the gospel of heartlessness
And still we rush to judge the product of our teachings
Blame a man for his actions
But remember we grow into what we become
So yes, blame him for his actions but question the reasons
And try to understand the reasoning behind the reasons
You'll be surprised what you find.
So player player
Watch your game
You were not born, you were made
You're not the only one to blame

— The End —