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Philomena Dec 2018
"Say you will stay you want me too
Say you'll never die you'll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you'll haunt me"

Let me hear your voice, let me hear it say
You belong here with me always
I want to know I belong to you
And say you'll haunt me
Used to sing this to a friend, part of a Stone Sour song (Say You'll Haunt Me)
Frank Ruland Jan 2015
"Oh, you're the epitome of all the **** in me"

*******, I swear my soul is stained
You've ******* soiled the cleanest parts of me,
and you are both a ******* and my bane

"And I'm surrounded by the people I will never be"

You're ******* hideous, through and through
From the inside shining darkness upon us all
I'm not like any of you, I'm stepping out of your shadow
I'll laugh the night away, as I watch you tumble and fall

"Either way, I've got nothing to prove to a ******* like you!"

Your mom shoulda shut the door, 'cause she's a *****
You're a waste of space, and I'm the Devil,
but who in the Hell is ******* keeping score?

"Well, this is hell and I wanted it
But I'm an idiot"

******* and the **** high horse you rode in on
I may be stupid but I'm gonna knock you down a notch
Then kick you into the inferno where you belong
Jump up on that horse and ride away as you watch

"It's a phase, 'cause I know I'm illegitimate."

If I'm not real, there's nothing you can steal
And if time just proves to be a rhyme,
then I guess this ****'s one more spiel

" The more I know my mind
The more I leave you all behind"

Every little factor that I discover, every truth
All the ******* lies have led me to believe
There's nothing I'd like more, than to watch you die
Happily and I promise I will not grieve

"Living in the shadow of doubt,
I'll never obey, and I'll always decide"

If there's one ******* thing I'm certain,
it's that I'm never bowing down to a fool,
and upon your sorry act I'm closing the curtain

"Oh, my heart survived
I gotta do it alone"

I'll live through this, I'll rip my beating heart out
It no longer belongs to me nor does it being to you
I was wrong before, I really need nobody now
Lonely isn't fun but at least I know the company's true

"I will burn alive in the House of Gold and Bones"**

When Hell's not hot enough, I've got this *******
The treasures you gave me all came with corpses,
and I learned all that glittered is not always gold
This song is based off the lyrics from Stone Sour's, "The House of Gold & Bones." TGWLY and I both love this band and both reached into our anger reserves to write this! We hope it rouses you, and we advise you listen to them! Thanks for this honor, Melanie!
Lyrics: bold
TGWLY: italics
Me: arial
Frank Ruland Oct 2014

I hope Heaven has a failsafe,
for my soul is a little unsafe.
But I wouldn't mind knowing
if some seeds are worth sewing.


Feathered wings may carry you fast,
but you'll need mettle to match.
I have all the time in the world
after your patience unfurls.


Be assured, insult's no injury to me,
for your ramblings are the epitome
of spires in the Uncanny Valley.
Writing on the wall? Add a tally.


I only need what I've been owed,
And I **will
get everything you stole
After I had my soul forsaken,
I saw yours ripe for the taking.
This poem is the "sister" piece to my poem, "Wrong for the Right Reasons," and is the "child" piece of my poem, "Subconcious Stigmata." This poem was inspired by lyrics from "Gravesend," By Stone Sour. The three form a conceptual journey meant to make you ask questions about what you know is right and wrong. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you.
Frank Ruland Oct 2014

They might be a little too late--
I've already been laid to waste.
While the Devil was discovering Hell,
I sat idly by, watching as angels fell.


All of these mortal frustrations
leave the soul with lamentations.
Put some **fire
in my soul--
burn away illusions of control.


He"ll remember that day forever.
and forget my silhouette, never.
Sighing, as a blood red moon dawns
and tumultuous burdens I take upon.


Just dig me a shallow grave to rest,
for I have never had a fear of death.
I will be mankind's prime example
of what it means to be a disciple.
This poem was inspired by Stone Sour's "Gravesend." It is a "child" piece to my other poem, "Subconcious Stigmata," and will be the "brother" piece to an upcoming poem, that I will title, ""Right for the Wrong Reasons." Thank you for reading
Frank Ruland Oct 2014

In this Hell, I will always endure
the flames of a Smoldering Sky.
This agony makes me feel at home;
the welcome mat is life's disillusioned grandeur.
I swear, just no matter how much I try,
Cerberus can't be left well enough alone.


How things got this way, I can't recall.
My focus is blurry--my mind is stained
with visions of wraiths that come my way.
From below, I can see the angels fall--
taint gets to their brains and insanity's gained.
Selective memory comes with a steep price to pay.


Never before have I wanted anything more.
Upon bloodied knees I beg and plead
for some understanding of how to cope.
For another chance, whom would I implore?
For a roll of the dice, I'd surely bleed
every ounce of blood for a prospect of hope.


Denial was the only way I managed to live,
but now I accept things won't ever change.
The lights go out, and it dawns on me
that our fates are uncontrollably conclusive.
Hell just gets hotter and we're left estranged
from the things, people and places we wanted to be.
The inspiration for this poem comes from the song, "Red City" by Stone Sour. I took the four lines from their "angry verse," interpreted them, and appropriated them in a way that was relevant to my life. I was really going for some heavy vibes on this one--a lot of serious and solemn thought went into its construction.
Frank Ruland Jul 2014
Let's rock out.
Take me back to the days of
feel good foolhardiness.
Back when never ever was
Set the amp to 10 and
***** that it's not loud enough:
Break out all our CD's
and crank it
up at the neighbor's party.
He likes hip-hop but
**** it, **** it, **** it!
We only live once.

I remember when I first herd Korn--
I was with my ex Karen,
just talking about
some movie.
"Liar," came across the radio
and it
blew my mind.
That guitar
those drums
that bass
those vocals.
Jonathan Davis,
you will always be my hero.

I remember first hearing A7X.
I bought their self-titled album
on a thoughtless whim.
First track: "Critical Acclaim."
I was in love.
Never thought I'd hear anything
And then,
awhile later,
I heard,
"Natural Born Killer."
My whole appreciation of
rock changed

And I remember rocking out
to Rob Zombie.
I must've listened to
"Dragula" a thousand times.
None of the words made much
sense, but I just felt those
feel good vibes I'd been
"Hellbilly Deluxe" carried me
throughout high school.

And then in my darkest hours
I found my
All that rage and pain and hurt
spoke directly to me.
I'd never heard a song that
epitomized scenes of my life.
But Slipknot managed to do it
over, and over, and over.
I still sing "*****"
and "Psychosocial"

And from Slipknot,
I discovered Corey's main group
Stone Sour.
God Almighty,
Did "Say You'll Haunt Me"
ever Haunt me so!
And who ever you are
when he speaks the lines of
you listen.

I could sit here all day and
shout out band names.
Five Finger Death Punch
Gemini Syndrome
Motley Crüe
Killswitch Engage
Nine Inch Nails
White Zombie
Static X
All the bands,
these people,
these songs
this music.
It's all played some
part in the
evolution if my life.
It's ground in to me.
It's my music,
my way of life,
my inspiration.

So, let's rock out.
Blare the ****
and give me meaning.
Get my heart going and
my head banging.
If you dig it too,
maybe I'll see you at
my next concert.

— The End —