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july hearne Jul 2018
pennies on the screen
diamonds in the ground

deep under and down ticking down

pennies on the screen
down ticking down
deep under
they found diamonds in the ground

light going out
where baby stars surround
the dim star devoured the young planet
death star's got to eat

a refill of fear
then off the rails again
second hand smoke
would be a great improvement
Shame Shame Shame
A Purple Moon Dec 2017
I have left behind many things
for '17 to take with it.
I'm already. Packed all my belongings!
All? Oh wait! A heart-shaped box.
"Memories of her" it talks.
"Won't you take me with you?
I'll help you be happy
be kind and control yourself. "
I blamed myself for forgetting
such a wonderful possession.
"Why did you forget
Your favorite obsession?
Take me with you.
I will melt your heart
Reshape it
Cast it
And then break it again."
I dropped it at once!
"You don't stand a chance!
I'll make you confident
Motivated and adamant.
But I'll bug you too
Make you lose your focus."
I threw it a corner, ran from it.
And then I stopped.
What was there in that box?
I ran back for it.
Found it lying there.
Opened it.
Maybe that's the reason I forgot it in the first place.
"You came back, see?
You can't live without me.
Will you or Shall I
say Happy New Year to your Queen?"
I know it's not poetry.  Just a wish and a 'reminder' to myself that I can't forget her.
Title inspired by that Nirvana song.
If I could chose to have a historic friend,
one of them would be; Anne Of Green Gables.
If I could chose to befriend that woman, my life would be a bless.
Writing poems, walking through fields, picnic parties and sips of tea. Laughter on an apple tree, being friends forever, making oaths and happiness is the friendship I would like.
The world isn't the same as it used to be, so I stick here to write poetry, makes me feel where I belong, wish it were history. I know there's been lots of bad yet so has there been many good. Even in today's world it's worse than it should.
If I could have a friend Anne would be it, I love her red hair, freckles and little trouble making sins. She makes me laugh, and see the best in the world.
Bites and the scent of strawberry jam, cool taste of icecream, the autumn smell and winters breeze. You must be feeling what I feel now. Anne Of Green Gables is a beautiful story, I have no friends yet wish she were my friend.
Thank you for taking time to be reading my poet.

— The End —