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Al Apr 2017
As I walked myself back to my car
I watched his back retreat into his house.
The thought that continually raced through my mind was
"I blew it."
And contrary to the smile on my face,
it wasn't in the fun way.
The truth was that I'd blown it because I hadn't blown it.
While I was flirting over cheese and bread,
he was just waiting for me to give him head.
As we split a bottle of Brandy,
it was all in the hopes of getting a quick handy.
As I was trying to get him to open up,
he was trying to get me to open up.

I knew later, I'd lay in bed.
My shaky breaths coming in deep,
wondering if it was all of them
or really
just me?
But for now, I was content
with the fact that I'd be alone this summer
just because I wouldn't give a hummer.
I used to be mad at you, but I'm not anymore.
Also, I saw that pic of you on Instagram and even though my friends say you're ugly now, I still think you're kinda hot.
KCKing Jul 2015
Pleasure of the pain
I moan
pleasure under your hands
Rough hands that grip my neck
Fingers slipping down my side
My side onto my thighs
Between my thighs, I bite my lip
You hear me breath
My breath is taken
You grab my hair
"Don't make a sound"
inside me
Your fingers long,
"You're ready for me"
Deep breaths I take
Deep breaths as you enter me
Deep breaths as you force me over
Harder, deeper, rougher
Deep breaths because I want it
The way you're giving it to me
The way you make me take it
I gasp, your hand around my throat
Again, I gasp....
I moan, feeling every inch
Slow breaths, I touch your wrist
To feel your strength
To feel your hand so tight
To hear you whisper,
"You belong to me"

— The End —