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Kai Nov 2019
Three days. I have been a secret for much longer,
but you have forgotten me for three days.
You put me in the back of your mind without a glance,
making me fear for my life.

Do I even exist outside of your memory?
Am I truly more than a thought you have to keep secret?
Could I go out into the world and
have someone notice me for more?
Do I exist without you?

Three days. I worried for three days.
My texts went unread, calls unanswered, I thought you were dead.
I didn’t do anything but worry for three days.
It was then that I learned
I was only a secret.

You can take this mess of symbols and metaphors
while I try desperately to stay atop of
the tidal waves of my fear caused by
your gravity.

I guess his words mean more to you
than mine ever will.
After all, I’m just
Your best-kept secret
and your biggest mistake
emeraldine087 Jun 2016
Perhaps unrequited love
    is so much better than this--
This love behind bolted doors
    and peppered with midnight trysts.
Drunk with these stolen moments,
    you will never know my pain.
I’m just your ***** secret;
    Maybe I’ve no other name.

— The End —