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an errant pirate has been active
in the copying caper
naffing off with other poet's
scripted draper

this person was seen to be doing
some stanza reproduction
using a falsified form of title

as bold as brass
pinching what takes the fancy
not caring about the original
Nancy or Clancy

those who think that stealing
other writer's material is okay
have need of gearing
their scruples the right way
Jayanta Nov 2014
I am in confusion
In my room
there is a portrait
on the wall
and the picture
Sometime smiles
give me applause,
sometimes smiles
and condemn me,
Sometime smile
and Question me !
When  share it to my
Fellows they tell me
‘You are lucky,
Somebody is there to caution you’!
One of them asked
‘Who is he?’
Really I don’t know!
But always alert me!
Everyone laughs and said
‘You are living with your scruples’!
Jayanta Apr 2014
Today while coming back from work
Make a visit to market of humanity
I saw, our respected friend scruples sales...  
  ...... Maturity... with happiness

I stepped-forward to him...... and asked.....
‘You are here?’
He said, “What I can do! For everything you have to do marketing!”
I asked “how do you sale maturity?”
He replies “it is a matter of investment!
Now definition and priority changes.....
Maturity..... means.... maturity of policy, bond, fixed deposit....
Then only you can purchase happiness in this market.......”

I again inquired,
“What is ‘its cost’.......?”
He replied,
“Your investment is depending on how much happiness you want to procure!
Some time it is free, if you will exchange your getting on happiness with new! “

I left the market, with a plan to make a search
about our getting on happiness to get a new !

— The End —