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Mercutio Mar 2016
I learned how to love and hate

To never trust fate,

Simply listening to my needs,

Crave for your body, blade and sins.

Hell is part of me, sir,

As Heaven is six feet under,

Not deep as a Well nor so wide as a church door,

Take me and break me to the core!

Madness of you,

Violence and desire piercing threw,

Tasting the Little Death with the tip of those lips,

Bitter sweet travel down the mist.

But remember, prince of Cats,  

You can’t tame me, sick ****** rat,

But if you want me,

Scream me, cry me, torn me…

I am Mercury,

Unstable and addictive,

Get on your knee,

I will end it by killing thee.
skyblueandblack Oct 2014
I was breathing in the beauty of  Scala dei Turchi,
as I sat atop pure white marlstone crescendo,
etched by the winds and the rains of time;
the view emphatically embracing the coast of Agrigento.

‘Twas along those balbutient banks of the Mediterranean sea
I saw him silently standing there,
his hands resting in white linen pockets,
the salt wind blowing through his peppery hair.
Serenely somber in quiescent stillness,
he was dashingly debonair,
his form earnestly beseeching, a wish
delicately wrapped in the guise of a prayer.

He peeled his stare away from crystal waters clear,
I was transfixed by eyes that gallantly gazed at  me;
eyes that emerged from pools of a deep sorrow,
eyes as transparent as the turquoise blue sea.

Deftly ascending those limestone cliffs,
he was reminiscent of Saracen pirates penetrating;
with such determination of gait and surety of purpose,
he approached me with palpable power emanating.

His drawing near sent my heart swiftly a-pounding,
a halo of light behind his sun-kissed face –
I imagined I saw a  shadowed smile emerge
as he nonchalantly quickened his pace.

He took his place beside me
atop the pure white marlstone crescendo;
and we waited for the sun to descend,
against the skies of beautiful Agrigento.

— The End —