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She is locked in the world of expectations
Abided by laws and orders
She is instructed by many people and her friends
And is always a subject of manipulation.
She's always compared to her siblings
Always trying to do her best
She is never allowed to say a word
But could say,' everything is on the rest'.
She was not a mother
But knew what pain was
People tried to hide her
But never knew What a girl she was!
Oh girl! Don't think of those whom you have lost
'Cause you were killed before only
When your mother was.
She never knew who did it
But then realised her mother was dead
She never tried to know either
'Cause she knew it was her own d'd!
She finished her story with lines,
" My dad is alive and so is my mom,
   Her soul was dead when I was born."
Oh! Poor readers you won't get it
Who, her mother was
But one thing can be on deck
What a girl she was!

— The End —