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It was a cold winters night
Right outside the town of Bridgestone
The place was silent except for the old saloon
A new face appeared just the other day, he spent most nights in there
Some gazed at the fanciness of his clothes
Other scorned at the six shooter on his hip
I talked with him a little, he told me he was moving on with life, searching for something new and bright
He only planned to be here for a few nights, wasn't looking to pick a bone
So I gathered supplies, scurried a horse, and made sure he was gone by next afternoon
The next day is when the platoon came looking for him, I told them, the man was headed just south of Rabbit's Hair
Little did they know the man was traveling north to Letterman's Grove
Let this be a lesson kid, I may not have a story to tell, but this rusty old six shooter and gold is a most generous tip.
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
Honey Girl

chained my heart to yours girl
kissed my *** goodbye
knew you was the heartbreaker
love you till i die

sooner before later
i know what's coming soon
love you till i die girl
in ***** tonk saloon

in my dreams been dreaming
of your love for me
lordy lordy honey girl
please give up to me

words were spoken often
none i thought was true
lordy lordy honey girl
***** tonk saloon

— The End —