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Izzy Aghahowa Jan 19
the river chose
to pull you away
to take you into an unknown place
unsafe for your unlearned heart

you hid in trees and fled to empty houses
and ran for miles
from suspected treason  
your river grew wild
and you grew unafraid
of the currents that kept you aligned  

alive in the shadows you became
in the places where eyes didn’t tread
you dreamed an old life into submission
and sang songs that caused showers of dread
for the minds that owned closed doors

take me away and into your open country
where it is safe for youthful rage to reign
for this world is unsafe for those who dream in daylight
Rebel Heart Jul 2016
Deep down in my rebel heart

I find this child smiling at me

Telling me to keep walking this line

Grabbing my arm and pulling me trough

Tough love this child knew it from the start

But he’s telling me to keep trying

Because this is how it’s suppose to be

When we all find the child inside of us

We want to regain this ignorance and innocence we once had

To fully understand that smile, the smile of the bliss we used to live in

Now I’m walking this life satisfied

And it’s all thanks to that child deep down

In my rebel heart
Inspiration comes from the song Rebel Heart.

— The End —