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Eleanor Jan 2020
I’m the politician you elected, you put me here.
And the amount of power you gave me
is something you should fear

I shall now stand around in a high-viz vest
Because ignoring every current crisis
Is what I do best.

I could explain why there’s a hole in the ground where a new
children's hospital should be
Or why the country’s no closer to plastic free.

I could explain why all the houses I promised are late,
But instead I think I'll just boast about
How I single handedly defeated the 8th

I'll take every opportunity to stand above my peers.
I'll stare into the face of my victims
Smile, ignore their tears.

Maybe if I'd experienced this, I'd feel more empathy,
But I've modelled my conscience
After Stormont; empty.

Because I am not homeless or a refugee
I'm just the politician you elected,
With no progress for you to see.

— The End —