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july hearne Jul 2017
i was delighted
when i first heard
michael jackson had died

men who sleep with little boys
and spend copious amounts of time
with them are always pedophiles

that is generally how it works,
but only all the time

soon after, people were posting
about this great loss
on a website i used to post at
they were sad that the *******
was dead

i always thought it was stupid
how he named himself the king of pop
that was a title he gave himself
and pretty much everyone went along with it
even the parents of the little boys he molested

i told the people who were grieving the loss
of the king of *******
that when a man molests a child,
it cancels out everything else
he does in life,
but no one listened, they just got ******* at me
because albums like thriller
are more important than protecting children from abuse

then i told them that "people" who abuse children
are unfit for human life
they told me i was a sociopath
then turned  the conversation
back to how much they all loved thriller
and pepsi commercials

jeff bezos had the tip jars removed
from the amazon cafeteria
because an (overpaid) amazon executive
was told by the cafeteria workers he couldn't use the change
in the tip jar to pay for his order
(after he tried to pay with change from the tip jar)

he then complained to jeff
and jeff decided that the cafeteria workers
who make minimum wage shouldn't have a tip jar
if the tips weren't going to be used to pay
for rich amazon executives lunches

so the next time you place an order with amazon
because you love price fixed counterfeit merchandise so much
go out and apologize to every child and middle class
person that you are personally responsible for displacing
because you owe them a huge ******* apology.
jeff bezos is the biggest conman of the 21st century. and also a ****. and a total *******. too bad they don't do public hangings anymore.

there is no free lunch, only free one day shipping with prime.
Spenser Bennett Feb 2016
He laid emeralds in her eyes
But I'd already tried
A bracelet made of gold
And a scarlet thread around her wrist
And everything was wrong
So we sang sentimental songs
Oh, how seldom we belong
But how elegant our kiss
And we painted crooked lines
But we danced in perfect time
To a love so much refined
We know not what it is
So like the dullen wine
We pour into a grief we'd known before
But never quite like this
Never quite like this
All I know now is regret
She follows like a silhouette
Of a cobblestone behind me
She has nothing left to say
Except to innocently ask
Her voice delicate as glass
"Do you see me when we pass?"
But I
I continue on my way
From Memphis Will be Laid to Waste by the Metalcore band Norma Jean

This is the work that speaks to me. These are the words that beg to be spoken.
Calhoun Poetry Feb 2015
6 Years Old
hair in braids
tied with pink bows
a toothless smile
am I beautiful yet?

10 Years Old
hair slicked into a ponytail
a skewed smile
chubby thighs sticking out of the bottom of my skirt
am I beautiful yet?

13 Years Old
hair badly straightened
a mangled smile
purple eyeshadow spread across my eyelids
my first pimple on my cheek
am I beautiful yet?

17 Years Old
messy ponytail
mascara running down my face
the distressed look I get when I wear clothing that exposes my body
am I beautiful yet?

— The End —