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KTN PRL Sep 2016
It was there.
All through your life,
from sorrow to your glee,
through thick and thin.

It was there.
The you that you're looking for,
whenever you want companion,
whenever you feel alone.

It was there.
The you that console you,
admire you despite your flaws,
holding on, never letting go.

It was there.
Lying in the deepest of your soul,
waiting to awake from your blindness,
waiting to boost your confidence.

It was there,
and will always be,
just learn,
to love yourself.
Moonlight Jan 2015
In my mind anything is possible...
In my mind anything can happen...
In my mind most things are not all that well
Do you know who you are?
No, I do not
Do you know what your doing?
My mind starts spinning as that one questions sets me off
I shall never nor shall I ever understand
For what is there to understand?
The mind is Strong
The Mind is frail
The Mind is strange, new and ever changing.
In my mind I understand everything and nothing
In my mind...

*I'm me and I'm free
Dealing with confusing things... this is what you see.

— The End —