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KTN PRL Jun 2017
We flew high together
Our love feels forever
At our ****** we're happier
And in just a snap it's over.
KTN PRL Feb 2017
They said 'fake it till you make it',
but till when will this soul fit in?
Until when must it keep on dying?
When will the passion be revived,
so I can feel I'm really living?

Have I been ungrateful?
No--- please don't say such words.
I've been thinking for years
And those years gone by and I'm still coping.

Searching takes too much time
Would it cost me a lifetime?
To see the world I've been wishing for,
To live without poisonous thoughts.
KTN PRL Nov 2016
As we walked thru our different paths before,
have you ever asked how our world merged?
Feared the unknown, the people and circumstances,
and yet the universe made us friends.

A friend.

How lovely it is to be called one,
especially if it really is what my heart only wants.
KTN PRL Nov 2016
If it wasn't because of these eyes that watched us,
perhaps we could have been anything more than what we have imagined.
But also,
if it wasn't because of these eyes that watched us,
perhaps I won't wake up from a dream that you're in love with me.

Now, I'm fully awakened.

I can already feel the emptiness
of this room that once made me feel complete.
KTN PRL Nov 2016
Both thirsty to each other's attention
yet none dared to take a step
to lessen the distance
between the hearts that feared
the unspoken words.
The silence that resonates around them
caused pain and misleading thoughts.
KTN PRL Oct 2016
We are no longer the same
From that day we opened our hearts,
our minds and souls to each other.
The moments shared from way back,
We are no longer the same today.

No matter how I see every angle,
today, we're no longer the same.
Despite the sweet words of chivalrous act
Of holding on no matter how strong the current of life is flowing,
we're no longer the same today.

My thoughts were right from the start,
time is thoroughly changing us.
But no, I won't stop this.
For this is for our own growth as an individual human being.

Although I knew it from the start.
We will no longer be the same right after we part.
Promises that I've tried to believe,
Today I will bid farewell.
KTN PRL Oct 2016
She smiled all throughout the day,
but then bags of burden deep inside is hidden.
Nobody knows her mind is tangled,
Nobody knows her heart is crying.
Despite it all her world keeps moving,
she's all compassionate whoever she's with.
Kindness spread out around her,
selfless giving and endless forgiving.
Because she always believed everyone is like her,
Fighting a battle unknown to the world.
Defined by what is seen,
but no idea what's real.

She knows how it feels.
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