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The Spirit caught me
Or maybe the Spirit
Catches me

Either way I always Fall
The rabbit hole way further

Than I knew existed

My Fall is not
An easy one
I hit speed bumps
Every which

I've been left in a
State of hazy

But I am not dead
The doctor's told mommy
I would be by now

Yet here I am
Fighting still,
Head held high

With pride
Cause I am a miracle child
Eyes wide open

Each one a testimony that the
American Medical Complex
Isn't always the answer

Isn't the only
At the very least

So divorced from humanity
That they forgot we
Are spirit first


And some fates are worse
Than death
Some alter destinies for more

Than one

Forbid they try
That same nonsense
On me again
Not Hmong
But Still
Anne Fadiman
menmarou Jan 2015
My sweet Lia,
Like a flower that blooms in springs;
Loving you at first sight is not my intention,
But the way you calm my soul soothes my broken heart,
I don't know how and when but falling for you is the greatest thing I've ever done in my life as of now and I don't regret it ever;
Lia, my love, my friend, my lover.
You are the first person who actually made me feel this way.
You never judge my emotions,
You never complain whenever I play my games, even tho I'm still playing I still want to talk and hear your voice,

I love you
because I never smile with someone like this before
I'm not a happy person but since I've met you I'm always excited,
Another reason why I love you
You accept me for who I am instead of trying to mold me to someone I'm not.
And I've probably told you this,
But I love how I can tell you anything and you won't judge me or think differently of me
You are the girl I want in my life .
Lia, My sweet Lia
~inspired by my friend hihi. hi Ayuyu! :D

— The End —