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Jack Ghaven Dec 2014
Tight pants and baggy shirts
I haven't eaten yet today
Right now my stomach hurts
Smoke later and I'll be okay

I have this obsession
With being sickly thin
Caused by my depression
I hate the shape I'm in

I'm already so skinny
So there isn't any logic
You probably wouldn't pin me
For someone who cannot stop it

My mind hates my body
My soul hates my mind
My mind tries to rob me
My soul leaves me blind

So I wage this war daily
Until one of them fails me
For now I let my ribs show
Like feelings you'll never know

And this isn't some kind of joke
Or some sad poetic fiction
I live off cigarettes and Coke
Struggling with this odd addiction
Body image is a terrible thing, and my self-image is worse.  I am my most critical mirror, and every now and then my mind attacks me a little more than I would like.  This is one of those days.

— The End —