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Eva B Apr 6
Kiss, hug! your mother and your father.
In the years ahead we will hate and honor water.
NF Aug 2015
I know where I came from, long ago,
It is a land where bare feet dance, stepping to and fro.
Where drumbeats and heartbeats become one,
And at night, the sea dances on the long horizon.
My land has felt the grim bite of war,
And now the place where I grew up is my home no more.
I hear the cries and screams of my kind,
Forever branded as the one that left them behind.
I fled across the seas for safety,
But a place that wards off mem'ries I have yet to see.
And here no one will offer a hand,
This land only knows grey concrete, I wish for white sand.
And I remember what it is to embrace the sun.
My skin is now dull, a tired grey,
Mirrors watch as the light in my eyes now fades away.
They are still fighting, though I'm not there,
Though the seams of my country are beginning to tear.
I still remember where I come from,
But I fear- should I return- that home will be long gone.
Loosely based on the landay form
Grizzo Apr 2015
The sun sinks behind your hips,
the moon rises around your shoulder, up
your collar,
through your lips
NaPoWriMo #19 - Landay prompt
Ottar Apr 2015
Arms loose, by my sides sensing nothing, coated
Feet fall, in steps walked before by many soles,
City streets flow thick with cars slow-death bloated,
Eyes seek relief, from metal bright musing Soul,
In the shadows, scent and see and touch, lost worlds.
5 X 11 syllables = Landay, per today NaPoWriMo prompt
On my FB I did a more 22 syllable Landay style as 9 syllables first line and
13 second line and a picture

Landay was used by farmers and others initially and it has been made more famous in poetry by Afghani Women

— The End —