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Electra Jun 2019
                   The sweet on your tongue
          Melting away from the heat in burning-ness
           Has you thinking should this be a pun?
     Treating the ice cold from your mouth into liquid
               Because there it is in your belly
   Floating away on the acid looking kind of like a squid  
             Then you take a scoop of wiggling jelly
                      Which is not a good idea!  
                       Look there’s a bee ahhh!
                       I can’t stand this nonsense
                     Maybe your name is blonese’
Just Human Oct 2014
There is no such thing as love
With faces blurred and you're love in white as a dove
Millions of years of unknown wandering
Trying to spread your seed like wildfire
Evolution favors those with dominating characteristics
And you think I'm the one?

Sure, I may be interested in you now
My heart flutters and I feel a rush
My lips quiver with euphoria
As we express our love for each other the only way we know how
But when it all dies out
And I grow tired of all your benign cute mannerisms
The way you project optimism
The way you dance like nobody is looking
The way you actually like to *******
The way you laugh at my jokes
The way you deny your cynicism to live
To live like a meteor can crash down any given day
The way I feel like I can spend my life with you
Taking pills and sticking it inside of you
until one of us falls over
The way you can either outlive me with laughter
or dying laughing
******* I'm starting to hate your laugh
Eventually my ego wants a mini-me to pillage the land

I grow comfortable and know nothing else
You too will grow tired of my being
The way I am sad all the time
The way I push everyone away
The way at moments I am a total goof
The way when I want to be alone around your friends, I act aloof
The way culture feels like a silly thing
The way it feels like a constricting ring
Where people visit a website to try to break free
I wouldn't blame you for leaving me  
Or wanting to write cringe-worthy poetry

So keep that white veil by your side
And hide behind it with your reasons to want a man
But as charming as the devious one
Or as creepy as the well intentioned-sir
We all have a way with words
We will lure you in with false hopes
Recently novel intentions even we don't know
But not me; I am actually interested in you
as I am with any woman whom I like
I'm just not the one
Just take it off and let's ****.

— The End —