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Nick Durbin Jul 2018
Our limitations -
Our mortality,
Makes this existence;


40 years of holding hands -
A lifetime spent with you;

This love we have together -

Worth living.
Inspired by "If We Were Vampires" by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Joe Bay Feb 2016
The side of things
The want the while the things who ding
For you

They smile

For you all the while
I see the things

They make us sing

For you

For you
The purple thing rings
All in my head
The music springs

And while it jings
We get up and sing
About the things that make us ring

For you

For you  

I want the jing

For you

For you

don’t let us sink

and we will keep singing about the things keep ringing and the words keep dinging, forever jinging

for you

for you
The Jing is something that makes you happiest

— The End —