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Max Vale Jan 12
You're not always what people think you are,
You're not always what you think you are.
But time will take you to different places,
And the world will untie like your laces.

But you can keep tying yourself together,
Hold on to yourself.
One man with the correct attitude,
Can move a whole mountain of solitude.

Yes, You will always fall,
Yes, You might fail.
Yes, You might be rejected,
But who knows, maybe you'll prevail.

It takes one step,
For the whole world to change.
So keep in good health,
And keep loving yourself
One day I wrote in my sonnet
Life is a very beautiful poetry
That lures curious minds like a magnate
and entices it to commit poetic adultery .

I reckon every man is a natural poet
So whether you live as a writer in the country
Or universally recognized as a laureate ,
Every man is the true embodiment of poetry .

Life , poetry and nature are so harmonious
Because they'll capture , stir and evoke emotions
It's like when hummingbirds gets curious
Their songs gives out inspirations .

Whenever life gets tough , poetry continues to flow
As sista Maya Angelou said '' write and be creative !''
Even in the dark your words can glow
Be stoic and see life from a poet's perspective. ''

Poetry measures life's angles like geometry
So call poetry the teleprompter to life
based on this I say therefore life is poetry
and poetry definitely lives in life !
Poetry lives in life

— The End —