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Becky Littmann May 2014
Some people think they're all knowing
NO matter where you are going
or what you are doing
They are always assuming
Staring, glaring & sharing
all the things they think they've seen
It could be nice but it's mostly false & mean
There isn't much you can do to stop it & throwing a fit won't
make them quit
So just zip you lip & ignore them,
If they don't get a reaction from their vicious lies
they'll be the only one with water falling from their eyes
& no one will care about their lonely cries
They're all just fakers
because they don't know how to be their own story makers
instead just truth takers
while twisting words & sights
To make people believe it is right
Ignore the so called hater
& be your own story creator
Becky Littmann May 2014
Their mouth NEVER ******* seems to shut up & just stop
& **** snitches don't hesitate to quickly name drop
Twisting everything they'll hear
Creating lies & rumors like it is their career!
SO WATCH YOUR BACK, they are only a pretend friend
They're scary & **** identical when they're an impersonator
Nice & kind so they seem, turn away they'll be a backstabbing hater
NOBODY has time for all that ridiculous nonsense
Just attention seekers, without their usually faithful but now gone audience
Desperately trying to remain in the center of attention, cleary blind to the EXTREME  obvious!
You never really deserved to ever be forgiven
I'm done wasting my time & voice on someone who will NEVER listen
Ohhh yah a FYI, a friendship isn't a competition
But more like a dynamic duo always down for a random mission!
Oh well, no coming back now I'm not changing my decision!
To all those fake friends we have all had!

— The End —