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Jenny Gordon Jul 2017
Give up waiting, ******.  It's so much easier when you don't give a hoot and nothing's happening anywho.


I've been reciting for--was that--intents?
How lo, my cousins' kids are in betrayl
Nigh grown, who were so little on that scale
Ten years agone, when I last for good sense
Saw these, or pictures of the same to fence
Some fam'ly shindig with all to avail
Whatever, me an old maid yet sans bail,
Til hopes look quite askance without defense.
Joe is attractive ah, beyond as twere
The dreams I've known, a dream anon come true.
If only now we could be all we stir,
Have children of our own, lo that would do.
Well, be together in  yes, love, endure
To death thus, and have kids:  what's I love you?

Adrian knows the answer to that final question. In this case.

— The End —