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King Tutankhamun Feb 2017
A lot of  people maintain an image
Just to feel apart of the percentage
Of the elite
**** them ******* they can't compete
When the revolution begins
They'll be on they feet
Beggingin pleas
Worried about Donald Trump ***** please? At ease
With the ******* you stressin
I got a Smith n Wesson
For their nerve testing
Intellects at the strongest
Clique the longest
Muthaphukas waiting in guise
Right before yo eyes
You'll see a surprise
Folks going crazy minds are too lazy
Laughing at these critics
Cuz they words don't phase me
FBI I know you got the PIs
Watching the **** I say
***** I'll die for this
And if you gotta problem
You can duck a sick
Get mixed like guns to ammos thAt click
Cuz I'm on a verge to peel
Muthaphukka it's a **** at will

Everybody jumping locin
Up puff clouds
I be smoking no chokin
Only ******* chokin
Is them ***** *** politics
With there brains open hoping
To escape the pain and misery
But ***** I'm revengin for
What ya did to me or he or she
My black indian  ancestry
Gave me the skill to ****
Jumps made on Capitol Hill
Tales from hood ain't never
Been so real
Forget the double negative
Murders an imperative
As dark angels be yo **** narrative
Now jump in yo casket see
And take a picture for the cemetery
I see ya eyes wide open
Windows of soul is the token
Feelin' fear fear of the unknown it's shown
Throughout the way
Ya played in the war zone
Once we bust back imagine that
You had us for five hundred now
We busting back mad cuz I'm black
Got paperstacks
Upping my figures so I can get triggers
We all about the gun play
So **** what you say
Its day of the mad Hebrew
Circlin' yo communities
Takin yo souls away

Last of dying breed
Indeed evils feeds greeds
But I still planted my seed
We multiplying
While racist prejudice politics dying
And liberals are ******* too
Red white or blue
They all on the same team
Extracting each one of our dreams
Yeah n they say you can have a piece of the pie
But when I look in sky I see lies
Sin burying inside of sin
We so deep within
Can't make amends til the fin
I'll be true til I die
Black n Hebrew so don't ask me why?
I act like this talk like this
You ******* mad me like this
Talking ludricous
Reservin yo number spot
For yo burial plot
Licking my shots smokin pots
Infrared dots
Aimed at the crown of yo dome
Addin' chapters to my tome for real
then it'll b a **** at will
******* prejudice ******* **** my black **** til the pigment come off
King Tutankhamun Nov 2016
World's in hesitation across the nation
No need for an explanation
Negroes still playing in the field plantation
They call it the corporation
Can't argue with fools cuz they in gestation
Of sin and wickedness look at this world
We living in skin is my sin
Can't even heal even if the remedy was to settled in
Wake up my folks and hear me clear
Don't be a slave to this game called fear
Rise up like the sunshine open ya mind
Even if it cost ya ya own life line
Just remember what I told you
We natural born soldiers made to fight
We are earth soil and ground
If ya don't believe me look around
And look how many of our ancestors
Blood moisturized the ground ?

— The End —