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STLR Dec 2016
Inner depression
This intersection is but an interlude
From my monumental confession.

I recollect
not having feelings like a child

bipolar rollercoaster
It's been a ******* while

that I looked up
At the sun then smiled

Who needs a girlfriend nowadays when everything ******* sway's
in a direction, that's sure to fade

I fade away like sun flares
and long lost memories

Repetition is my religion I make melodies

Ying and Yang this focus is my

Without this, I'd just be another human centipede

Connected within a crowd of unknown identities

Social Media is the deputy

My remedies consist of ****
And drinking heavily

I have no time to be alive
This ego death is what is left of me

Let's make a right and take these words into different directions

I've turned savage
like a doctor with lethal injection

My love is lost, I don't care if it's gone or its missing

A Molotov
in the form of a ******* cross

So when you pray to them all

They can burn when you're gone

What the **** is a God?

How can something that's great

Be flipped then turned into Dog?

D O G my recipe is R I P

Holy ghost in the *******
Room like a refuge

Universal spirit's, reflections of Sonic imaging

Google data and Google Maps
with adaptive imagery

Gps location via text and mass messaging

We are just tapped entities

Stretching outer extremities
Fornication and Procreative abilities

I've found my balance, my inner ballads keep hemorrhaging

Compulsive actions
Erratic fashions of creativity

This world is massive
My mental habits are far from finishing.
King Tutankhamun Nov 2016
World's in hesitation across the nation
No need for an explanation
Negroes still playing in the field plantation
They call it the corporation
Can't argue with fools cuz they in gestation
Of sin and wickedness look at this world
We living in skin is my sin
Can't even heal even if the remedy was to settled in
Wake up my folks and hear me clear
Don't be a slave to this game called fear
Rise up like the sunshine open ya mind
Even if it cost ya ya own life line
Just remember what I told you
We natural born soldiers made to fight
We are earth soil and ground
If ya don't believe me look around
And look how many of our ancestors
Blood moisturized the ground ?
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
The system
Aint never been down with me
So why the **** should
I believe in liberty?
The system contradicts
Itself because of corrupt politics
The system
Says they for you but really for them
They only interested in their power
There laws and there wealth
The system dont give a **** about the poor
But always finds moneys for war
The system
Got thousands of soldiers who died for nothing
Trying to find a man in some cave
When Bin Laden been in his grave
The system supports money
More than facts its an unhonest act
The system tells you how to think
When to blink n whats the new brink?
Style fashion fad
Everybody who was straight its suddenly ***
Even got men dressin' in drag
The system plays the race card carefully
So they can divide us individually
The system says we love you scream for peace but yet i still see bombs over Baghdad
Bombin' innocent brown people
For power or for control over some ******* oil its the ultimate turmoil
The system needs to be revolutionized
By the real patriots
The indians the blacks along with other indigenous peoples of the america
Illegally stolen and sold for profits
Of white western europeans
The system never ever works
Its up tous to stop the damage
Before its completely destroyed
Wake up hear me clear
Dont be a slave to the system
Dont be guided by fear
Let them hear the shots
We wont miss them
And we unite as a people
And say "**** THE SYSTEM""
Hope you ***** *** fbi cia dea ******* watchin' ill never die **** nigguhs multiply killuminati
Burning money on the streets
I wanna start a riot
The cops like robots beneath our feet
I wanna start a riot
We'll sing our songs and break the beat
I wanna start a riot
Kiss my lips and tickle my teeth
We all oughta start a riot

— The End —