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Mister J Apr 2020
Even if our stars weren't aligned
Even if our hearts weren't inclined
Even if our paths were only meant to cross
Even if our love won't always get across

Know that this love will persist
Against the whispers of fate it will resist
My eyes will focus only on you
My compass always pointing at you

These emotions will always stay
This love will never go away
The memories carved in our minds
Each other we will always find

No matter what the stars may say
No matter if the gods tear us away
Like flames kissing the ice
Like cats chasing mice

You always take my breath away
You make my thoughts easily swayed
You are always only for me
And I will always fall only for you

I fall for you still

And I plan on falling further..
Spreading the love

I love you Dear

M Crux Alexander Apr 2015
Through the waves
I'm crashing
the sound of receding
sinking slowly out &
drawing me open
I'll pretend I'm saved

Unlucky us
cut too quickly
violated trust
sanguinely separating
It means so much
to be connected
in physical planes
Even the sky
must touch the earth
Is that why we're closer
whenever it rains?
I know that I love...
and I know that I miss...
my reminder's this pain
and it comes like your kiss.
Losing the battle when fighting fate. Trying to cut off a relationship and it's not working...
M Crux Alexander Apr 2015
Don't watch me go
it's not forever
only our love bears that badge.
I close my eyes because you fill them
I need to see
beyond the dreams
past you
surrounding me
you fill my pain
like warm Southern rain
shed from the eyes of a goddess
Your heart will forever be
a sacred shrine
And my offerings
will always bleed
and flood the floors
of your divine temple
You have my prayers
and I have your soul
there is no forgetting
without you, there is no whole.
Your secret place is ours
with enshrouded chests
and beating *******
I am with you for hours
alone in our minds
writing parallel lines
but in time....
In time we'll connect again
physically ~ abusively
you'll have me to yourself
and you'll cry
at all the time that's gone by
we weren't living this lie
but now we cry
because we could've tried.
Now we're tired
way too soon
like a slow pounding rain
turning to monsoon
Sweeping away possessions
and cares and loves
leaving us with nothing
but time and ****.

What more did we want?
...still fighting with fate to end a relationship. It's getting harder every day.
M Crux Alexander Apr 2015
Is this us?
forever tied
     to the tongues'
          receding tide
Lying on our backs
     staring into the sky
Letting the salt wash over
our sentimental dreams
I think I'm saying good-bye.
Torn trying to salvage a (doomed) relationship when the one I love is also in a long term relationship with someone else. It was hard. My heart pulling me in a different direction than everything else I knew I was supposed to do. I tried saying good-bye (it didn't work.)

— The End —