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Carmen Jane Nov 2019
Eggnog with whiskey
Started Thanksgiving early
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving my dear HP friends!
Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
...?  I mean, I was aware a week ago that this was a freighted opportunity, but was too inclined to swoon instead.


So we made eggnog after dinner, whence
The kitchen warmly lit and to avail
Alive with jests, loud laughter, and to scale
Keen conversation, should have kept good sense
Upon its honour--but alas!  What thence?
I was too busy swooning in betrayl
To give but half an ear to aught, and frail
As aught excuse for crushes, wandered hence.
O let us laugh, if only that could cure
The folly from these vistas was it?  To
A fault those priceless minutes gone as twere--
Yes, eggnog long gone too, what have I?  Who
Can measure all we throw away in poor
'Scuse for our cherished lies?  And how few knew?

So, lean back and guffaw at me, I guess.  Laughter's the best medicine they swear.
Knit Personality Dec 2018
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    A shot of nog I beg!
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    The nog that's made of egg!
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    Or better yet—a keg!
Give me a keg of eggnog!
    And let me **** your leg!

ruby stains Dec 2014
"hey, mama,
the eggnog tastes
  f u n n y."
jól fagnaðarlæti númer eitt : christmas cheer number one in icelandic form

— The End —