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Touched or felt, could/would/should it be more real?
Another day, back drinking after work (again) in the same pub, alone this time, phone absorbing my attention alot but look up and look around at the shared space with other 'human animals' that i am experiencing in the pub, i dont feel anything 'to' them, while accepting illusions would it really make a difference if i could (willingly) touch or feel them? not sure where i am going with this tangent, enjoy.
Your coldness smells refreshing, do your ice cubes contain alcohol?
Went for a few beers after work and also got a meal in the pub and with the meal comes this really really cold glass of water with non melted ice cubes in it, the sensation of cold air being sniffed is beautiful in its change to the nostril and other senses (such as the skin contact against the cold liquidy glass). The question at the end is just a wanting for the water to get me drunk. :-)

— The End —