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Lon Witter Aug 2018
I often dream about the life
in colors shining and dazzling
purple, pink, yellow and lime
and with lights such blinding

life changing like the seassons
but keeping the same warmth
life is a such preacious thing
like the flowers in garden you love

But I'm going to wake up in the end
and will return to my colorless life
full with misery and disappoinments
and try to live to reach the next night
just to see the life in my dream's light.
rained-on parade Oct 2014
Live like an unappreciated stranger
in your own house.

Become the careless talk at family dinners
about the disappointing child
and pretend like it was all a joke
and slowly lose yourself with every
echo of drunken laughter.

Look into the eyes of someone you love
and realize how you can't feel anything
other than dread.

Become the lustful thoughts of someone
you can't love
and watch them cut themselves
into pieces for you, when
in the end
all you can say is a pitiful "thank you,
but I'd rather be a lonely wreck
drifting across the sea."

Ask yourself to be found
in a map with no direction
and with nothing but your
faulty heart to guide you away
from home.

Pretend like the music
disappears into the background
of the screenplay your life has become
and the screen slowly turning black.

Find the dread
in your own heartbeat.

Take off your clothes
and see how you sewed every misgiving
into your skin like a story you
never want forgotten
and marvel at how bad your stitching is-
can't even hold yourself together.

Hear the sound of the rain
and wonder why
the grey clouds of your heart
never go away with the same.
I feel like ****.
And physics is turning my head around.

— The End —