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Lon Witter Sep 2018
I started feeling alive again
I am trying my best again
I found new goal to reach
Don't want to give it up not yet

I don't want to let things unfinished again
I just want to try till the end this time
I just want to see what i can reach
With this two hands of mine

I will go forward with each step
No matter how small they are
I will be the winner this time
Not you the despair in my life.
Lon Witter Aug 2018
I often dream about the life
in colors shining and dazzling
purple, pink, yellow and lime
and with lights such blinding

life changing like the seassons
but keeping the same warmth
life is a such preacious thing
like the flowers in garden you love

But I'm going to wake up in the end
and will return to my colorless life
full with misery and disappoinments
and try to live to reach the next night
just to see the life in my dream's light.
Lon Witter Jul 2018
I saw that light
shiny, blinding and warm
It was heaven-like scene
That filled my poor life

That light pierced through
me, my heart and my life
There was nothing else
but just that feeling I felt
until the light left
It was peaceful and warm
feeling that filled that hole
which was there for long
feeling which swept away darkness
which was around for a while
Lon Witter Jul 2018
Lying under the  hot summer sun
Feeling the breeze of ocean warm
Living  youthful days in nostalgia
Feeling life like in an unreal utopia

Lost in warm memories, I'm lying
And don't want to lose those feelings
Warmth, happiness and peace, I'm feeling
Lying under the hot summer sun.
Lon Witter Jul 2018
Maybe I am a little bit in a hurry
but life didn't give me a time.
Time to live, think and worry.
Time to feel really alive.

So let me enjoy what I have
no matter how short it is
let me love you till the end
there is nothing more to regret.
Lon Witter Jun 2018
The endless blue sky is all yours
Just open and fly with your wings to see
Beyond the horizon are new adventures
You just have to cross the horizon to see
Take out all your shackles
Just be free.
Lon Witter Jun 2018
Now I know about
How cruel you are life
The pain is only think I felt
Disappointed with everything
I had enough, can't hold more
Death will be my salvation
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