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ZT May 2015
When the sun will cease to shine,
And the moon hides behind the clouds.
When all the stars have fallen
It will prevail, Darkness will.

What should I do by then?
Should I wait with arms wide open?
Let darkness be embraced by me
And be bound together for whole eternity?

Even before, I have known darkness
It kept me away from loneliness.
So darkness be embraced by me,
Come to me and set me free.

Bathe my heart with sadness
Take my mind too, fill it with madness
Drop my soul in the abyss of wickedness
And lead my life to nothingness

I can already hear it coming
The nearer it comes, the greater the fear I’m feeling
But I won’t let these petty emotions overcome me
For in the place I’ll be going, Fear and Courage wears the same face

It is already here, now come and take me
Set my spirit free

— The End —