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Pyrrha Jul 2018
There's something clawing from deep within
Telling you, telling me, telling them, telling everyone they are nothing
That this world is only temporary

And sometimes it's so hard to push it to the back of your mind
Your thoughts implode
And suddenly you are nothing

Sitting silent unemotive in a temporary existence
You find yourself craving something beyond sadness
Wanting for a way out of the hell that holds you in

And you cry out pleading for a different fate
Tormented tongues of a liars honest plead
Heeded only when the innocent turn black with hate

Victim to the holy cross
You're never gonna be free
Go ahead get on your knees and pray
For a God that doesn’t see
Take your faith and seal it away
You're never gonna be free
They like to watch you bleed

A cruor never gets to breathe
Take your tears seal them away
This was origionally a song I was writing.

— The End —