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We started like a house
On fire
But in no time the flames
Started fading
It felt like the strong feelings
Of affection
You had for me
Grew weaker,
It happened we were a house
Built without a foundation
When heavy storms come
Its easy for that house
To fall
And indeed our house of love fell,
The love we shared
Was built on lies
And expectations
from your side
When those expectations
Were never met
Your heart was filled
With disappointments
I must say
I was never interested in you
In the first place
But you somehow made me
Fall for you
And I fell
But when I fell
You started ignoring me
As if I didn't exist
Do you know the agony
Of being ignored
By the one you love ?,
The pain you caused me ?,
Well I guess you don't
Because if you did
You wouldn't made me
Feel the pain
You gave me.
I don't even remember
How we ended
We just ended on thin air

— The End —