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When I think of Mother's day
I remember where my umbilical cord
was buried. Sweet memories
Illuminate my mind with holographic images of Joy
Tranquil saturates my heart
I remember the radiant heat of your hands
Your rays of love
And immaculate heart
Until reality hits. eyes weep
Anguish confines empty spaces
That were occupied by your love
Twinge grows louder
Silent screams of agony
Where do I channel all this  love I have for you ? Truly, grief is love not knowing where to go.
They say we free but are we really free or modern slaves in a plantation tied with invisible mental chains, prisoned to the  golden fantasies of a spiritual dimension encoded in a book of light
Our ancestors are demonised in the name of
And our God given dark magic is victimized
As a spiritual sin to an invisible alien sky God
They enforced brutally on the true God's of Alkebulan
Are we really free when spiritually we are still conquered
Will the God who created us fight for us or against us
They took our land
They ***** our women
Took our wild stock
For themselves
And killed our men
Sailed some of the boys
To the new world
Through the altantic
Where some of them were served
As food to creatures of the ocean
Some drowning themselves
For freedom in the spiritual world
Our mother we're left
Widowed & pregnant
To innocent souls
Committed painful sinfully
Tell me are we free when we went trough such
Without reparations
The Jews got it for ******'s genocide
And others they managed to rebuild
Tell me are we free
Are we free when the DRC is still being exploited
For her minerals & it's war all over
Are we free when the Arabs claim Egyptian history as theirs and opress the true dark pharoas
Are we free when Sudan is in the mist
Of a religious war
It Muslims v Christians
Brotherhood no longer matters
Libya is involved in slave trades
Nigeria is troubled by rebels
South Africa is involved in Afrophobia
Tell me Africa are we really free ?
In the Dispora you had Garvey
Malcom X
Dr Khalid
What did you do with them asks
Dr Clarke ?
They took out Nkrumah
Assassinated Lumumba
Victimized Mugabe
& Exiled Zimbabwe from the world
Destroying our bread & basket
Hunger became a ghost that haunting
The people of Zimbabwe & still does
They Killed Machel
& So died the future of a prosperous Mozambique
They silenced Gaddafi
& Libya became a war Zone
So died the dreams of a United Africa with him
lied about Idi Amin
Shaked Ethopia
Failed in Somalia
And institutionalized the most
Punishious & brutal regime
To the people of the South
Tell me Africa are we free when heavent really dealt with all this trauma
Tell me Africa are we free ?
Tell me are We free ?
Or are we still in *******
The sun sets
The sky
Turns from blue
To dark,
Stars shinning
Like a thousand
In the Sky
Reality hits
Reality hits me
My heart
Starts to wander
My inner demons
Confront me,
All I do
Is long for the night
To pass
For morning
To come
So that I can roll
Another joint of ****
Try to escape
By reaching
A state of ecstatic fantasy
As these days
Is the only
I get to be close to you,
To touch you,
To Hug you,
To Hold you tight
To me,
To Kiss you
On the forehead,
Because ever since
August 11
My life has become
A cemetery,
A part of me died
With you
On that Crash,
It was on the eve
Of our Anniversary,
At times
I still dial your number
On my phone
Hoping you'd pick up,
I feel like you'll walk
Through the kitchen door
"Honey I'm home",
I couldn't even enter
Your funeral
As some of your family members
Still blame me for an accident
That took a drunk
Truck driver
To cause,
I still visit the spot
To relive the horrors
Of that day
Whenever I miss you,
You were buried
On August 16
I buried you
In my heart
So that I always
Love you
And not grief
Over you
For as long
As my heart beats
I know you're alive
With me,

we meet again
My sweet
Are the shaman(i)
I every morning
depend on
To start
The day,
A morning
That passes by
A glimpse of you
I find myself
Shivering throughout
The day
I would certainly
Not compare you
To A drug
Because you
Have no side effects
You come straight
From mother earth
Rich in her milk
With alkaline

You are the shaman(i)
I depend on
To start my day,
A morning
That Passes by
Without you
I find
Myself shivering
Throughout the day
Every morning
I must
Take a dose
Of you
To survive
The day

You are the Shaman(i)
I'm addicted to
And oh,
How I enjoy you
Because with you
I inhale happiness
Exhale joy
To the world

We had met
Under different circumstances
Before the world
Turned grey on me
And drained out
All the pureness
Of my heart
Replacing it with venomn
Leaving marks of agony
In my eyes,
A broke smile
On my face,
A broken spirit
As a result of promises
That were made
But never kept,
Words that were said
But never meant,
Deceitful actions
That were mistaken
For affection

I would have believed
The sweet melodies
Of your lips
When you said
" I love You "
I wish to be with her & love her but I'm  broken & you know how dangerous broken glasses can be

You blow the direction
Of winter grass
As though blown by the winds
With no direction,
Like the lifeless brown grass
Blown to the unknown the winds
Blow to,
Your life is that of a puppy
Lost on a cold winter night
Wandering in all directions
Of the compass
With hope for a glimpse of hope
In hopelessness
Life denied the gift of a mother's love
I can't sleep
Everytime I remember your words
They snap and recoil
And hurt me awake
Next time when someone
Promises me forever
I'll just smile
Look them in the eyes and ask
How long is forever to you.
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