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mikumiku Jul 2018
Don’t release your *******
Just release my single
I don’t think it’s stunning
When that thing is jingle
******* taste like Pepsi-Cola
******* taste like Marabou
See a ***** – I say hola
Eat that thing like caribou
CloudedVisions Jul 2018
Here a creature lurks below
In shadows of evergreen
Constantly surrounded
By trees, rocks, and green

This creature lives in solitude
As below the sky it thrives
It grows in height and grows in age
It grows in antler size
But most of all it grows up inside
As it grows with morning dew

This creature is no antelope
Or moose of the great up north
It simply is a caribou
A traveler of abroad

The caribou is in the green
It has aged an awful lot
So in the green it finds a tree
And its antlers it will shed

Here is a creature in the Green
The green of forest groves
It lives in peace and eats its cloves
As in the forest it grows

This creature grows tall and strong
As is grazes on the grass
It lurks below the shadows
As forever it will last

Unoticed by most who pass on by
Unseen by those you don't care
So lurking in the deep dark green
A lonely life it will share
I was,inspired,ro write this poem while,at caribou, meeting up with a friend.

— The End —