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Elizabeth Feb 11
There are many days I hang my head in shame.
There are days I wonder if this is the right time era for me.
I tell myself that one day, some way there is going to be someone.

Someone to love me for the way,
that I don't know how to work a make-up brush,
but I can paint the most beautiful flower.

Someone to understand me,
from the way I can walk away from the saddest death
with my face tearless,
but hold the burden of not showing emotion.

Someone who appreciates my way of emotion,
through the words, I spread across a blank sheet,
the words that hold inner meaning
and a secret path to my mind.

I ask that I can be gently reminded that this is just a dream...
No one like this exists in the real world...
But they can in my brain.
And so,
I will live in my mind.
I will dream until the light goes out.
I am someone.
I will
This is just thrown together but I am working on self-love. I really appreciate all your sweet comments. You are all loved.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
On every side was a wall of mesh
And in the middle she sat
What is out there beyond these walls? She wondered.
What if her visions of the world outside were false?
She was caged

She grew tired of her little house
What if I could get on the other side?
What if my wings were made not to only beautify?
She wondered

One push and her mesh house gave way
She stepped out and was greeted by the sunrays
Then she slipped, for her house was high up in a tree
She was falling; this must be the end of me
She cried

Suddenly, she noticed others with wings like hers
Why weren't they falling, crying?
Then she saw why and so she spread her wings
And for the first time she flapped them
She flew

And so began a new life for her
The world she dreamed of was right before her
She found herself, she found her wings, she learned to fly
She lived her dream, she soared up high
She was free

— The End —