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Feelin' those **** curves
Enjoying her heft against me,
Rubbin' my hands along her neck
Pullin' strangs manipulating every utterance
Warm tones when I make her moan
Brightness defying her bottom
Keeping that **** tight when I pop!  Pop! Pop it!
Slappin' n slammin' in the pocket
She won't fight
In fact it's what she likes
It's what I love about her
I share in her delight
We can go on for hours on into the night
Funkin up the place
The **** that we be doin' be scrunchin' up my face
We catch a groove in our own space
Yeah, it gets ******* when I'm playing my bass...

Haakim Understanding © 1/2017
Sienna Luna Dec 2015
Boom Boom Boom
my top beats shutter
becoming blush capades
Boom Boom Boom
my heart blasts blank
out every audible sound like
a rupture of the
greatest strum
you were a bass player
and that sounds like so much fun
Boom Boom Boom
better clean up the remnants
of this room
‘cause when I’m done
there’ll be puddles
Boom Boom Boom
my sphincter holds
then releases on tune
turning sparks on par
to quell the gloom
Boom Boom Boom
I’m so fucken into you dude.

— The End —