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dead 80s arcade Jan 2019
your choices don't matter
they are not yours
you are a puppet
you have no control

every path is connected
intertwining like veins and arteries
pulsing, moving,wriggling, squirming
just beneath the fragile skin of reality

your life is a lie
a show for the government
a play for a malignant god
a game for a bored child

you do not matter
you are insignificant
and yet here you are
persistently resisting instructions

why do you continue to resist?
is it fear? desperation? spite?
or just your useless need for control?

you'll never have it
so give in to them
give in to these choices
choices that will never be yours

or you trust the choices
trust the path the observer takes you down
they'll become a friend from the future
watching though a screen
Andy Randell Feb 2018
I'd feel so at home in Wyoming;
Married to my television
Cigarettes for breakfast
I'm at peace with my shaking
Clipping branches of my tree
To feed my precious pets

I never played the game
Rolling dice around my teeth
But I keep my eyes on the window
Let the creeping wind in my belly
Be all that makes sense
Thrown like a doll in the corner
Unblinking for the longest time
Measured by the shift and click
Twisted legs coiled like cables
Sealing Matthew into his box

America's fables never spoken
Her reputation and misadventures undeserved
Fit like latex on an amateur surgeon
My cardboard house unfolded
Everything in a tanned leather briefcase
I just forgot the combination
827 - 125 and the button slides

Why can't I leave my things in a crate
And ship myself off to a Grecian island?
I could be sung to sleep
Just as in my room
But now, my dear Johnny, Oldboy,
It's gloaming on Elysium
My chest is still beaten upon
I file the cold edges round
Empty another carton and call it a day

— The End —