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dead 80s arcade Oct 2020
hey e-girl
i like you a lot
and you like my money
so let's be friends!

hey e-girl
you ignored me again
did i make you mad?
i'm sorry!

hey e-girl
you blocked me
was it something i said?
please don't go!

hey e-girl
i'm sorry for scaring you
can we be friends?
can we try again?
please forgive me!

hey e-girl
i'm right outside!
please don't call the cops!
i already cut the line!

hey e-girl
i'm in your home!
where are you?
i just wanna talk!

hey e-girl
dead 80s arcade Sep 2020
******* Film

******* clad.
Fiery eyes.
Ruby lips.

Is she real?
She’s dancing now.
Is it real?

There’s someone else.
Hands on her waist.
Teeth in her flesh.

She’s smiling.
She’s not.
She’s frowning.

She’s pushing back.
He’s pushing forward.
The panic’s setting in.

Someone else.
Something shiny.
Something sharp.

She’s resisting.
He’s restraining.
Camera’s shaking.

She screams.
A squelch.
Another scream.

More squelches.
Red in between them.


He lets go.
She drops.
They leave.

Why is the camera still rolling?
dead 80s arcade Sep 2020
I dislike you.
I said it.
I dislike you.

You’re frustrating.

I could go on.
But you’re my friend.
And I don’t have a nice way to put it.

So I’ll stay silent.
Like I always do.
But you’re becoming like her.
Just like her.

And I don’t know how much longer I can stay silent.
dead 80s arcade Sep 2020
Do you know what that word means?
I bet you do.
You’re smart like that.
It’s unrequited.
I just know it.
I can never tell you what I feel.
I’m afraid of what’ll happen.
Unrequited love.
Such a silly thing, really.
To fall in love.
Being loved.
I want to love you.
But I’m afraid to get too close.
You’ll see my flaws, imperfections.
You’ll see what I see.
So I’ll watch from afar.
For both our sakes.
I’ll keep it to myself.
For you.

I’ll stay unrequited.
dead 80s arcade Feb 2020
your temper was your downfall
but you would never admit it

your downfall was their failure
and you would admit that

the empty pill bottles
all the therapy

for what?
a bad ending?

a game over?
a copout?

the heir tried to help you
and you pushed them away

so they abandoned you
just like you knew they would

now you're facing your own demise
at the vile hands of yourself

what do you have to lose?
you're the mage of mind

you suffer for your plans
that's the price you paid
dead 80s arcade Feb 2020
time is not your friend
it never was to begin with

you fought with it
every step of the way

chasing after seconds
minutes, hours, days

weeks, months, years
that were never really there

but you thought they were
and you chased after them

desperate for more time
desperate for another chance

but you didn't need it
you never really did

you never needed that time
you needed to destroy it

you are the prince of time
master of death and decay

you will not bend to time
time will bend to you

and if it doesn't?
you'll destroy it where it stands
dead 80s arcade Jul 2019
filled with the endless buzz
of socialites, social sites
friends abound

and yet
when that connection
the gateway
the path to sweet validation

is severed
mauled in ways unimaginable

it's like the death of a friend
a buddy
a sibling
a lover

something is lost
but it's temporary
yet in those moments just after
when the wound is still fresh

it's like god smited thee
condemning thou to the nth circle
the deepest pit of hell

but in the cool clear light of dawn
when the day finally breaks
all is well and thine head is clear
for the connection can be repaired


into something of beauty
of grace
of joy
of life

and the cycle will always begin anew
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