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your choices don't matter
they are not yours
you are a puppet
you have no control

every path is connected
intertwining like veins and arteries
pulsing, moving,wriggling, squirming
just beneath the fragile skin of reality

your life is a lie
a show for the government
a play for a malignant god
a game for a bored child

you do not matter
you are insignificant
and yet here you are
persistently resisting instructions

why do you continue to resist?
is it fear? desperation? spite?
or just your useless need for control?

you'll never have it
so give in to them
give in to these choices
choices that will never be yours

or you trust the choices
trust the path the observer takes you down
they'll become a friend from the future
watching though a screen
jack of spades Sep 2016
king of stars and star-crossed hearts
constellations like freckles across shoulders with eyes like dawn,
like whispers of cloudless skies and summer days,
all of humanity's finest qualities:
curiosity and vulnerability and loyalty.
captain has been in your blood like gold,
like lullabies sung to already-fulfilled dreams.
how does starfleet regulate smiles so addicting?
a soul too big for a solar system,
too much for a galaxy:
your soul is simply cosmic, darling,
mesmerising in your daring.
don't stop running until you reach the edge
of the diving board into the great unknown.
one end is the beginning to another.
don't stop running until you're satisfied,
until the universe stops expanding and starts to collapse.
you don't know home until you've left it,
but home isn't on terra:
it's a crew of family and friends,
a ship that will take you everywhere and through everything.
cross your fingers and hope not to die,
for you must live a thousand more lives
before your adventure ends.
Curlan Eiruc Jun 2015
She called me fool,
I heard it,
I loved it.

Tho I'm Max,
I am mad,
I see my daughter sometimes,
she haunts my mind,
I miss-

The girls....
Not property anymore,
The coat-
breathes harshly breathes harshly

The car....
It's gone.

My blood...
I wa-
breathes harshly breathes harshly breathes harshly
his blood bank,


Mad Max Fan Poem
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
It's been so long.
I've missed you so.
We missed you at Christmas.
It lonely this year.

I remember every Christmas,
You would be here early.
Making a mess of things for Mom,
Keeping me company on the way to school.

It just wasn't Christmas without you.
Not the way its always been
Where has my best friend been?
I miss you
Jack Frost

Here's hoping you had a snowy holiday
I believe in you still
Love: Jamie
Fan Poem for Rise of the Guardians. My area didnt have snow until i wrote this. Originally Written on January 5th 2015

— The End —