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Sally A Bayan Sep 2020

It is most endearing,
and heart-warming,
it pleasantly stuns the heart
to know how loved ones,
friends, show they care,
by bridging the gap,
spanning lands, oceans
that separate....finding
ways to defy distance,
to make you smile during
rough times......through
sincere and thoughtful

"You are always in the
    forefront of my mind."

suddenly,  joy enfolds,
and overwhelms.....and
then comes a most elated,
...but shy  whisper:

"i know, i know......because,
you always...and in all ways
............dwell in mine..." a bunch of
white and bright yellow mums,
it heals and soothes the soul...



Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 13, 2020
Death-throws Jul 2016
Lost  amongst familure strangers
Holding your foreign  curves
Like homeland  hills
Oceans have grown between us
But luckily i can swim
And i think i know the direction
Your in
Things change  over  time. But that doesnt mean its a bad thing

— The End —