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He knows to play the songs
you wish to sing with him.
He smokes a pack of cigarettes,
he does it on a whim.

He has five tattoos,
does he look hot with that?
He did well in school, perhaps not a truant,
just love to smoke a lot.

A bottle of alcohol
for him is not enough,
he drinks with friends on Friday nights
maybe a little, maybe too much.

He's twenty-five, has vices, but he's not bad.
There's a lot of reasons why you should admire him, he'll be glad.
lilac sunsets Apr 2017
i remember taking a vow how i would never become addicted,
but that was smashed into shattered glass
when i saw you look at me like i was different
and heard you laugh.
this is short, very short but it holds a lot of pain for me. enjoy.

— The End —