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Deep Oct 2018
Caress me, melt in me
let me see the love in your eyes,
Brimming, ululating passion
radiating in delight.
These lips craving for the touch of mine
Like the falling star
waiting to touch the ground,
But in vain, all our hopes are
Vanishing before our eyes
with the rising sun.

Once again we have to part;
Once again we have to die,
Till night comes
And breathe in us life

Alas! Why this sun, why the morning?
Why this rein fall on innocent lovers?
Who want nothing but to lay in each others arm
today, tomorrow, day after, after that day.
Go and love first!
then only then you’ll fathom
how sharp your rays are that slice
one soul in
two, every dawn.
Still, your rays are not
Half as strong as our love, stays fervid
with every partition.

You, my love, the smile of my life,
Immure these tears inside eyes
Cheeks are mine not them to kiss.
Come in my arms, clasp me so tight,
Canoodle, smooch, implant equal kisses
a clock runs in a day; my sole sustenance.

If I don’t return with the return of twilight
Then let loose tears, with them; me too.
And grant this sun victory over us
But not our love,
We’ll kindle our love
by making dreams our home.
genre tried is aubade or alba
Going undercover
In the sheets
Your pleasure is what greets
Go ahead and drink your wine
As we're on Egypian silk
Relax and don't be afraid
To ask for more
Too bad if I'm getting sore
That's the kind of reminder I want
Remembering a glorious session
Intense harmony
Aggressive is just as great as soft
Dig your nails into my back
My love for you won't crack
But my ability to hold it in will
It gives me chills
Thinking about it
Every glance at your beauty is a Jessica Alba moment in the summer
Steve Sep 2014
Dreams are like the stars we see on a clear moonless night.

They steer us through the darkest times and keep the path in sight.

Whatever happens on the road ahead that may pull us to the side.

Our dreams will serve to guide us as we  swim against the tide.

Wars rage and battles lost, heads are bowed as they count the cost

But whilst star light shines from a blackened sky or hope be born of a butterfly

Dreams above it all will rise for no good thing ever dies.

Alba gu bràth

— The End —