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Lake Mar 2019
i'm just the same as all of you
yet i can't see from your point of view
been awhile since i felt the ground
been awhile since i heard a sound
a grumbling, a noise, somebody's voice
something to pull me out of the void
awake and asleep, awake and asleep
sometimes it's shallow, sometimes it's deep
waking up's the worst part
the same as a restart
heaven or hell, heaven or hell
just ask my brain cells
need another hit, i'm addicted
i need to feel lifted
to really feel like i'm living
like a human being

or at least halfway there
it's the truth laid bare
whatever, i don't care
i was always taught to share
but some things i should keep to myself
wrote this out to read to myself
love letters to myself cause i got nobody else
there's no one left, no more steps
guess no one's right, you're all out of your depth
i can't get you so why would you try
it's only right i'm hung out to dry
i'm just venting, i'm just lamenting
so my thoughts might be offending
but let it be known these words i'm sending
can always be worse, you heard it from me first
maybe this will help me find some purpose
stop feeling useless and be a little selfish
hopefully i can stop acting so helpless
III Jun 2018
i find you
in the quiet
corners of my days
and remind myself
to again try oh so hard
    to lose you among the busy
    and all of the work
once more
Sam Nov 2016
Have you ever just sat down and made strange noises because you have no idea what the **** is going on in your life and nobody is helping with that factor and people make things complicated so it just escalates more-then the sound escalates too, into more like a scream of frustration until you stop being weird-then you look at the thing that you were stressed over and it just starts all over again and you worry about everything so the outcomes are racing through your head over some silly words that probably didnt mean anything anyways and your mind is probably just over reacting  to everything like it normally does but still there is a huge part of you that knows the true outcome and you are afraid to let that factor be known so you continue to sit in the middle of your room not knowing what the **** to do?

Because if so, same
Im probably going to  delete this later
or do something to hide it because idk *** it is or what the purpose is but hey why not

— The End —