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Jordan Oct 2015
I like to make tea in my house
And sit by the window
Watching the leaves change

I like to swim in my hoodie
This one is gray
It matches the clouds

I like the way the afternoon sounds
Sometimes I am poor
But not today
Jordan Jul 2015
Unchain yourself, detach from this world
Rip away quick like a bandage
Spiral out.
Break free from shackled *******

You are me.
Eye am you.
We are love.
Love is a bond most true.

With this love, let's create a world anew
Come vibe with me, resonate with me
Heal this earth.
We have love, we have the key.
Jordan Jun 2015
The cows out back have been acting shady
A stampede put 3 in the hospital and killed a lady
They pushed a sheep in the well
They've been giving me hell
I'll be better off when they're smothered in gravy
Jordan May 2015
Everybody's got something to do
Something to lose
Something to prove
Some kind of excuse
A path to choose
They're looking for clues

And I'm just out here laughing till I *** my pants
Jordan May 2015
You went one way,
I went the other.
You lived your life,
I lived another.

Then under brief circumstance,
A glance, a smile
Our hearts connect,
Now it's been that way awhile.

Because the way you went
Was the same as me,
And going the same way
Is the best way to be.

Now when I'm with you
All I can think is to say
Ooh baby I love your way.
Jordan May 2015
Sometimes I laugh
When nothing's funny.
I smile at the rain,
When it's not even sunny.

I love the ring in my nose,
And the dreads in my hair.
I know most of you don't,
But I don't really care.

Sometimes I walk
Without my shoes.
I'd rather be me,
Even if I'm different than you.

I like to read things
I won't be tested on.
I've got nothing to prove
As long as I'm getting on.

I don't want to be governed
By money or clocks.
I can't follow the rest
Because individuality rocks.
Jordan Apr 2015
sunshine and rainbows
is just the way my life goes
when. you. are. in. it.
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