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james m nordlund Jan 2018
An intensely timely attempt to right a Ship of State,

The U.S. Constitution, from a Supremacy Court decision,

'Citizen's United', wrought by it's being dragged

Across the Plymouth Rox, that landed on US, 'cause

We didn't land on it, by the tug, the S.S. Tea Party,

And it's ignoble leader, not ebony, but ivory, working

Together in perfect harmony, merx for more to mercs for war,

Amongst the 21 flavors of, in this 'baskin and robbins' of

Supremacy, the united **** of assassins, through the lack

Of 'separation of church and state', demanded in it's

Fallen noble leaves, the Founding Document of this great

Nation, that actual religion of the bi-headed false gods

Of mammon, wealth, avarice, and mollock, extreme violence,

Grinding up seed, exemplified in king george and his ****,

Cheney's, along with the republican conspiracies' elite's,

Purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11 and their

Unnecessary, "unending war on (supposed) terrorism", the

Coup that divided a people, dictating they choose exigency

Over humanity, continually, which set-up the invisible coup

Elections of 11-16, it's installation of Trumpler, etc.,

Not being separated from the state, being sociologically

Programmed into everyone, by the corporate structure's

Convolution's devolutionary direction, undoing Evolution,

Is practiced by almost all behind the masks of supposed:

Christianity, atheism, Hinduism, science, art, Wicca, etc.,

Possessing everybody in that form of self-possession,

And we need to be exorcised from it before we can

Again exercise our responsibility, necessary to again

Realize it's Siamese twin sister, freedom, for the

Intellect can't lead, as the life doesn't follow.

Then illimitable, indivisible you, walking in nature's

Balance giving back to nature's abundance can remember:

Compliance is suicide, we're defiance; if you're not

Taking bullets you're making them; an injustice to any

Is an injustice to all, and if it isn't addressed

Individually, it becomes a global injustice as well; 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", "the root

Of all oppression lies in (supposed) science", Gandhi; 

Materialism isn't, abolish scarcity based global fossil fuel

Slavery by using abundant renewable energy, now.   reality
Clean DACA and CHIP bills, no wall or ban, help Puerto Rico; please!
Kenny Whiting Nov 2016
A normal day, it started out,
the sun was shining bright;
The day was like most other days
'till terrorists took to flight!

They boarded planes with evil thoughts,
their plan was soon revealed;
The lives they took from all of us,
left wounds to never heal!

The towers stood with gaping holes,
as people gathered round;
They watched and wept in horror as
both towers crumbled down!

Those ones who died, so many now,
when terror hit the skies;
Left family, friends and loved ones here
still lost in silent cries!

Now take a pause to think on this,
to pray a silent prayer;
Ask God Himself to comfort those,
who lost their loved ones there!

— The End —