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Life is suffering and that's how we grow.
Melancholy of Innocence
Planet Earth    Philo-poetic fable of love. Its our journey into self-discovery about true meaning of love. Poems of LOVE for Z Facebook: melancholy.innocence Twitter: melanofinnocent Instagram: melanofinnocent
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Desmond the poet
31/M/South Africa    I'm an invisible disability activist who'll try 2 fly, run, or even crawl. watvr it takes 4 awarenes. Most of my writings are about Epilepsy ...
Ugo Victor
Nigeria    Ambitious.
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA    I-NahaThePoet (I-NTP) was Born on the 8th of May Personality Type : INTP Profession : Developer
Tammy M Darby
Corkscrew Settlement Fl.    @ Tammy M Darby 2013 All poems are exclusive and all copyrights are reserved. I read all forms of poetry and may not always understand ...
F/London    Hey Im Arabella , i'm a musician, a artist and a poet. I'm young so I know my poetry is gonna be sort of crap. ...
Keith Wilson
Windermere UK    Retired Gardener. Been published in many books. But find this site truly amazing. Thank you all..
The Sick Red Carnation
25/F/Iran    Maybe it's bad that My mother's pussy Gave birth to the sick mind 💮🌿 My name is yasaman johari💮 2December 1996 Bisexual💮 INTP 8w7💮☘ ...
Unicorn Island    Just a girl trying to poem Tumblr, Instagram, Wattpad: dazedanddusty
Michael Blonski
California    I'm a geologist living in California.
Bre marie
21/F/Canada    oh
29/M/FL    Good poetry is medicine for the soul☀️
autumn eyes
Just a girl with thoughts that she'd rather write down on paper than say out loud.
Jay Dee
F/Philly    I use a pen and a pad most of the time. Sometimes I just type my poem right in the little box. Im not interested ...
22/F/lost    paper understands me better than people do.
lagos,nigeria    All poems are originally written by me Ovi Odiete © Except the reposts of fellow poets. Ovi Odiete is a Poet and Writer with over ...
Dreamer, drummer and not much else.. I love art in all its form. Not really a poet/writer. Just find it soothing to be able to ...
i s a b e l l a
23    i n s t a g r a m : @isabellammusic & @ismpoetry t u m b l r : @tryin9
FL    ☼ ☾☆ I usually feel things before I think them. I write to better understand myself, and to document my life. I hope that if ...
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