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Ugo Victor Apr 2022
We are the same
But different
Made up of the same parts
Yet unique
In our different pieces
And when we crumble
We crumble differently
Ugo Victor Feb 2022
With blood for ink
I write
Until I'm drained
And then
The epilogues follow

This is the story of my life.
Ugo Victor Jan 2022
And if you think
that finding true love,
and keeping it,
is the hardest thing you've ever done,

try losing it.
Ugo Victor Aug 2021
I once had an acquaintance
Who lived like their world
Only had days
Devoid of shadows
And the nights were sparse
So that everything they touched,
Felt and breathed
Was buried in positivity
And love and light.

Take for example
If a meteorite
Was to fall right in front of them
They'd probably say
"oh what a disaster
The world is ending
It can't be helped
We did our best"
And then
They would just laugh
Like they have forever conquered

I could never understand it
I couldn't stand it
But I respected it
As much as I despised it
Ugo Victor May 2021
We build walls around us and call it home
And why not, that's where we feel safe and secure
But we struggle when the facade fades
And feel alone and why not
A wall around us is still a wall
And while we sometimes act like home is a decision
It's more than safety and comfort
It's about community,
About risks and risk taking
Without which we could never experience the adventure that is life
Ugo Victor May 2021
Sometimes I want
To be a Sheep;
Spend all day eating
And sleeping –
And "oh but they die"
Isn't a great retort
If you aren't immortal
Ugo Victor May 2021
When it comes to love
Experience isn't the teacher
People are
And they force feed you
With lessons – I'm tired
Of learning
For once
I just want to love
Without the lessons
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