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I have written a lot
Of things about love
But I’m just learning, at 30
That it is a lot of things
But the picture of perfect;
What even in the world is?
Ugo Victor Nov 17
You are the closest
I've felt to heaven
And I'm baptised by
Your undying love
Can you let me worship at the feet
Of your majesty?
Ugo Victor Nov 15
On first glance
You took my breath away
I should have seen the signs
How did we go
From the times where
You were my breathing space
To days that feel like
I'm in space

  Nov 15 Ugo Victor
You were
My sigh of relief
And now
You’re gone
And I’m sitting here
Gasping for air
Ugo Victor Nov 3
And if you speak to me about hell
I will tell you and I will say
I've been there,
I was born there.

And if you ask me how I know for sure
I will tell you and I will say
All the demons are here
There's more than one devil too

Hell is here
Hell is home.
This is in support of the ongoing fight against police brutality in my home country Nigeria, where they have committed endless atrocities and are still doing so.
Ugo Victor Oct 27
Just how long
Did it take you to learn the reality
The sky doesn't turn black
The sun doesn't stop giving light
And it's you that's moving
Around the equator of life
It's just how nature will have it
Does that make it more acceptable?

As we travel the path of life
Dawn is assured
No matter how long
The dark of the night lingers
And no one person
Is a monopoly of
Good and bad days
It's just how nature will have it
Ugo Victor Oct 24
I hate it here, she started
I hate it everywhere
I'd like to seize
To exist as a human - as if
We were ever given that option
I think to myself - I'd rather be
The clouds or the wind
She continues

Wind. I interject
I like the wind
Moving as I wish
Never a dull moment
Throwing down a few silly kids
Who don't give a **** anyway;
I add for comic relief.
I'd never imagine you as the wind
I say,
Why not? Ash asks - making a playful face - Well,
You look like you can handle your storms
and sunny days
Never the kind to be bothered

Haha, Ash laughs
I think the clouds have
A magical wonder to them
Sitting pretty
Chilling all day
Only stressed when it rains or thunderstorms
And still come out even prettier
When it all passes
But you, you will definitely pass for the wind.
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