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May 2021 · 162
When I think of Mother's day
I remember where my umbilical cord
was buried. Sweet memories
Illuminate my mind with holographic images of Joy
Tranquil saturates my heart
I remember the radiant heat of your hands
Your rays of love
And immaculate heart
Until reality hits. eyes weep
Anguish confines empty spaces
That were occupied by your love
Twinge grows louder
Silent screams of agony
Where do I channel all this  love I have for you ? Truly, grief is love not knowing where to go.
Jan 2020 · 363
Are we free ?
They say we free but are we really free or modern slaves in a plantation tied with invisible mental chains, prisoned to the  golden fantasies of a spiritual dimension encoded in a book of light
Our ancestors are demonised in the name of
And our God given dark magic is victimized
As a spiritual sin to an invisible alien sky God
They enforced brutally on the true God's of Alkebulan
Are we really free when spiritually we are still conquered
Will the God who created us fight for us or against us
They took our land
They ***** our women
Took our wild stock
For themselves
And killed our men
Sailed some of the boys
To the new world
Through the altantic
Where some of them were served
As food to creatures of the ocean
Some drowning themselves
For freedom in the spiritual world
Our mother we're left
Widowed & pregnant
To innocent souls
Committed painful sinfully
Tell me are we free when we went trough such
Without reparations
The Jews got it for ******'s genocide
And others they managed to rebuild
Tell me are we free
Are we free when the DRC is still being exploited
For her minerals & it's war all over
Are we free when the Arabs claim Egyptian history as theirs and opress the true dark pharoas
Are we free when Sudan is in the mist
Of a religious war
It Muslims v Christians
Brotherhood no longer matters
Libya is involved in slave trades
Nigeria is troubled by rebels
South Africa is involved in Afrophobia
Tell me Africa are we really free ?
In the Dispora you had Garvey
Malcom X
Dr Khalid
What did you do with them asks
Dr Clarke ?
They took out Nkrumah
Assassinated Lumumba
Victimized Mugabe
& Exiled Zimbabwe from the world
Destroying our bread & basket
Hunger became a ghost that haunting
The people of Zimbabwe & still does
They Killed Machel
& So died the future of a prosperous Mozambique
They silenced Gaddafi
& Libya became a war Zone
So died the dreams of a United Africa with him
lied about Idi Amin
Shaked Ethopia
Failed in Somalia
And institutionalized the most
Punishious & brutal regime
To the people of the South
Tell me Africa are we free when heavent really dealt with all this trauma
Tell me Africa are we free ?
Tell me are We free ?
Or are we still in *******
Jul 2019 · 306
The sun sets
The sky
Turns from blue
To dark,
Stars shinning
Like a thousand
In the Sky
Reality hits
Reality hits me
My heart
Starts to wander
My inner demons
Confront me,
All I do
Is long for the night
To pass
For morning
To come
So that I can roll
Another joint of ****
Try to escape
By reaching
A state of ecstatic fantasy
As these days
Is the only
I get to be close to you,
To touch you,
To Hug you,
To Hold you tight
To me,
To Kiss you
On the forehead,
Because ever since
August 11
My life has become
A cemetery,
A part of me died
With you
On that Crash,
It was on the eve
Of our Anniversary,
At times
I still dial your number
On my phone
Hoping you'd pick up,
I feel like you'll walk
Through the kitchen door
"Honey I'm home",
I couldn't even enter
Your funeral
As some of your family members
Still blame me for an accident
That took a drunk
Truck driver
To cause,
I still visit the spot
To relive the horrors
Of that day
Whenever I miss you,
You were buried
On August 16
I buried you
In my heart
So that I always
Love you
And not grief
Over you
For as long
As my heart beats
I know you're alive
With me,

we meet again
My sweet
Jul 2019 · 340
Are the shaman(i)
I every morning
depend on
To start
The day,
A morning
That passes by
A glimpse of you
I find myself
Shivering throughout
The day
I would certainly
Not compare you
To A drug
Because you
Have no side effects
You come straight
From mother earth
Rich in her milk
With alkaline

You are the shaman(i)
I depend on
To start my day,
A morning
That Passes by
Without you
I find
Myself shivering
Throughout the day
Every morning
I must
Take a dose
Of you
To survive
The day

You are the Shaman(i)
I'm addicted to
And oh,
How I enjoy you
Because with you
I inhale happiness
Exhale joy
To the world
Jun 2019 · 306

We had met
Under different circumstances
Before the world
Turned grey on me
And drained out
All the pureness
Of my heart
Replacing it with venomn
Leaving marks of agony
In my eyes,
A broke smile
On my face,
A broken spirit
As a result of promises
That were made
But never kept,
Words that were said
But never meant,
Deceitful actions
That were mistaken
For affection

I would have believed
The sweet melodies
Of your lips
When you said
" I love You "
I wish to be with her & love her but I'm  broken & you know how dangerous broken glasses can be
Jun 2019 · 272

You blow the direction
Of winter grass
As though blown by the winds
With no direction,
Like the lifeless brown grass
Blown to the unknown the winds
Blow to,
Your life is that of a puppy
Lost on a cold winter night
Wandering in all directions
Of the compass
With hope for a glimpse of hope
In hopelessness
Life denied the gift of a mother's love
Jan 2018 · 565
We started like a house
On fire
But in no time the flames
Started fading
It felt like the strong feelings
Of affection
You had for me
Grew weaker,
It happened we were a house
Built without a foundation
When heavy storms come
Its easy for that house
To fall
And indeed our house of love fell,
The love we shared
Was built on lies
And expectations
from your side
When those expectations
Were never met
Your heart was filled
With disappointments
I must say
I was never interested in you
In the first place
But you somehow made me
Fall for you
And I fell
But when I fell
You started ignoring me
As if I didn't exist
Do you know the agony
Of being ignored
By the one you love ?,
The pain you caused me ?,
Well I guess you don't
Because if you did
You wouldn't made me
Feel the pain
You gave me.
I don't even remember
How we ended
We just ended on thin air
Sep 2017 · 555
God sleeps
In Sierra Leone
That country is bleeding,
It is like a dark cloud
Is over them
And its raining misery
People are dying like flies
As if life
Has no value,
Those left behind
Are living in fear,
Fear of wondering
Who's next in line
For death
Is out for blood
The ghosts of terror
Are haunting my people.
God sleeps
In Sierra Leone
Prayers of my fellow
Africans go in Vain.
God sleeps
In Sierra Leone
Pray for my African
Pray for the lives
Of the people
Of Sierra Lione,
Pray for the bleeding
To stop
And for the wound
To heal,
God sleeps
In Sierra Leone
Pray for Sierra Leone,
Pray for the black man,
If a prayer
Is going Going to help.
Pray for Sierra Leone
Let the tears
Wash the pain
And misery.
Jul 2017 · 496
Does it make sense ?
These tears
Speak pain
This pen
Bleeds agony
My journal
With painfull
I dont know
Whats happening
To us
I couldnt Sleep
Last night
Knowing you're
Angry at me,
Couldnt even
Pick up
The phone
To call you
I dont know
To begin
Or how to explain
The pain
Of sleeping
Hearing that sweet
voice of yours
Is just unbearable,
I really dont
What happened
The night
Before yesterday,
I had too many
I just rember
Us arguing
Over the phone,
I wont even
Tell you
How the argument
Fingers were
Opposite directions,
Agonizing Words
Were uttered,
It was accusations
Left, right
And centre
I know
It wasnt me
Bu the alcohol,
Not that im putting
The blame
On alcohol
For my uncalled for
I just took
Too much
That it started
Controlling me
My behavior,
I never thought
My words
Would pierce
Than a needle,
Accusing you
Of cheating
Im the one
Who broke
Trust and loyalt,
I thouht i saw
The signs
I saw in me
When i started
In you
And I was wrong,
Thats what happens
When one cheats,
They start
The other
Of cheating
Whenever they notice
Something different.
What im trying
To say is I opposed
Pain to you
Knowing not
It would do me
More harm,
I know I did you wrong
And accept full
For everything
Between us,
Involving myself
With her
Made me
My survival
Depends on you
My soul feeds
On your love,
Like the Air
I breath
I can not go
Another day
Without you.
On my knees
Of your forgiveness
But I beg
For your forgiveness
I love yo
I miss you

Will you forgive me ?
May 2017 · 853
Broken hearts
heal each other
I know you're hurt
I know you're in pain
I know you've lost faith in love
I know you now envy love
I know you now curse love
And every  mouth that now utters the words "i love you "
Your heart was ripped
Lies were we told
Promises were not kept
You were deceived
I know he took advantage of you
I know you're currently in the healing process
And you're not ready for another relationship
Lately ive noticed you're no longer who you are,
When was the last time you smiled?
I know he took your happiness along with your virginity and left you with an infant
Yes i know he left you with a baby
I know your pains
I know your state
I know you're condition
Beleive you  me I've been there
So let me help you help you and me
Let me help you believe in love again
Let me wipe those tears off
Let me show you there are still others who love you out there
Let me prove to you that not all are lying
when they say i love
Let me restore the meaning of love to you
Let me preach you love and help you beleive in love again
Allow me to prove that not all promises are meant to be broken, some are kept,
What is trash in one's eyes can also be a treasure in one's eyes
He saw no value in you
To me you're a gold mine
But you're value is of Afrcan diamonds
What im trying to say is i love you
I know you're not ready for another relationship
But broken hearts heal each other
There's just this burning flame deep in me that keeps getting stronger and stronger daily when I lay my eyes on you
There's this unusual feeling warming all horizons of my heart
There's always this heavy feeling i feel in my chest whenever I lay my eyes on you
Allow me carry you in my spirit
All im asking for is to love you and to be loved in return
We both from bad relationships
We've travelled the same road
We both hurt
You're hurt
Im hurt
We both from a tour of hell
We've both been burnt by the flames of hell
The wounds are the same  
So can we lick each other's wounds
Can we help each other heal
Can i be with you
Can i love you
Can i be a lover to you
And a father to fatherless
Can i love to you
Broken hearts heal each other
Can i love you  
Can i be your soul mate*

Taetso Jojo.

Copyrights reserved.
Apr 2017 · 548
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Here with me yet so far away from me
I miss you,
I miss the old you,
The old you
Who always cared
For me,
Always had time
For me,
The old you
Who would sacrifice
His time
To check
If I’m well or unwell,
The old you
Who used to wake me up
With the smell
Of red roses
Breakfast in bed,
I miss the man
Who would always bring
A smile to my face
Every morning
When I wake up,
The man who always
Brought joy
To my heart
Not this one
Who brings anger
I miss you
I miss the old you,
Remember all those
Late nights,
Spending time together,
Those days
We used to laugh
Till I shed tears of joy
All that  I know
Is tears of agony,
I miss you
I miss the old you
Give me those tears
Of joy
You once gave me
In time
Why has it become
So hard,
Bring me back
Sweet and innocent
I know and love
I can’t stand this reminiscent
Its torture
Jan 2017 · 367
My heart is wondering
Like a lost sailor
Lost sailing the far deep sea's
Searching for lost treasure that isn't there

It finds itself in the land of the lost
Chasing shadows
Seeking what its ancestral roots became ancestors seeking

Like a wolf
It  it cries into the moon day and night
Hoping for answers to its troubles
And miseries

With no crying shoulder
The situation is of an orphan
Abandoned by the one and only
Closest relatives

Struggling to accept what is
With the obsession of what was
It is an unchained slave
Enslaving the the mind along

And until it finds peace
My body will remain a walking corpse
Lifeless but breathing.
Jan 2017 · 327
His loneliness
His loneliness
Is of a man
Betrayed by the world
Of happiness

Widowed by broken love
He's scattered
Into the land
Of sorrow and pain

It being a windy season
With dust and misery
The winds blow
His direction

Tears dried out
By unending pain
His cry
Is of a lion
loud and full of anger
But no tears

With pride being his weakness,
He pretends to be strong
But deep down
Weak and torn*

Taetso jojo
Jan 2017 · 7.1k
A true story by  Thula Bopela**

I have no idea whether the white man I am writing about is still alive or not. He gave me an understanding of what actually happened to us Africans, and how sinister it was, when we were colonized. His name was Ronald Stanley Peters, Homicide Chief, Matabeleland, in what was at the time Rhodesia. He was the man in charge of the case they had against us, ******. I was one of a group of ANC/ZAPU guerillas that had infiltrated into the Wankie Game Reserve in 1967, and had been in action against elements of the Rhodesian African rifles (RAR), and the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI). We were now in the custody of the British South Africa Police (BSAP), the Rhodesian Police. I was the last to be captured in the group that was going to appear at the Salisbury (Harare) High Court on a charge of ******, 4 counts.
‘I have completed my investigation of this case, Mr. Bopela, and I will be sending the case to the Attorney-General’s Office, Mr. Bosman, who will the take up the prosecution of your case on a date to be decided,’ Ron Peters told me. ‘I will hang all of you, but I must tell you that you are good fighters but you cannot win.’
‘Tell me, Inspector,’ I shot back, ‘are you not contradicting yourself when you say we are good fighters but will not win? Good fighters always win.’
‘Mr. Bopela, even the best fighters on the ground, cannot win if information is sent to their enemy by high-ranking officials of their organizations, even before the fighters begin their operations. Even though we had information that you were on your way, we were not prepared for the fight that you put up,’ the Englishman said quietly. ‘We give due where it is to be given after having met you in battle. That is why I am saying you are good fighters, but will not win.’
Thirteen years later, in 1980, I went to Police Headquarters in Harare and asked where I could find Detective-Inspector Ronald Stanley Peters, retired maybe. President Robert Mugabe had become Prime Minster and had released all of us….common criminal and freedom-fighter. I was told by the white officer behind the counter that Inspector Peters had retired and now lived in Bulawayo. I asked to speak to him on the telephone. The officer dialed his number and explained why he was calling. I was given the phone, and spoke to the Superintendent, the rank he had retired on. We agreed to meet in two days time at his house at Matshe-amhlophe, a very up-market suburb in Bulawayo. I travelled to Bulawayo by train, and took a taxi from town to his home.
I had last seen him at the Salisbury High Court after we had been sentenced to death by Justice L Lewis in 1967. His hair had greyed but he was still the tall policeman I had last seen in 1967. He smiled quietly at me and introduced me to his family, two grown up chaps and a daughter. Lastly came his wife, Doreen, a regal-looking Englishwoman. ‘He is one of the chaps I bagged during my time in the Service. We sent him to the gallows but he is back and wants to see me, Doreen.’ He smiled again and ushered me into his study.
He offered me a drink, a scotch whisky I had not asked for, but enjoyed very much I must say. We spent some time on the small talk about the weather and the current news.
‘So,’ Ron began, ‘they did not hang you are after all, old chap! Congratulations, and may you live many more!’ We toasted and I sat across him in a comfortable sofa. ‘A man does not die before his time, Ron’ I replied rather gloomily, ‘never mind the power the judge has or what the executioner intends to do to one.’
‘I am happy you got a reprieve Thula,’, Ron said, ‘but what was it based on? I am just curious about what might have prompted His Excellency Clifford Du Pont, to grant you a pardon. You were a bunch of unrepentant terrorists.’
‘I do not know Superintendent,’ I replied truthfully. ‘Like I have said, a man does not die before his time.’ He poured me another drink and I became less tense.
‘So, Mr. Bopela, what brings such a lucky fellow all the way from happy Harare to a dull place like our Bulawayo down here?’
‘Superintendent, you said to me after you had finished your investigations that you were going to hang all of us. You were wrong; we did not all hang. You said also that though we were good fighters we would not win. You were wrong again Superintendent; we have won! We are in power now. I told you that good fighters do win.’
The Superintendent put his drink on the side table and stood up. He walked slowly to the window that overlooked his well-manicured garden and stood there facing me.
‘So you think you have won Thula? What have you won, tell me. I need to know.’
‘We have won everything Superintendent, in case you have not noticed. Every thing! We will have a black president, prime minister, black cabinet, black members of Parliament, judges, Chiefs of Police and the Army. Every thing Superintendent. I came all the way to come and ask you to apologize to me for telling me that good fighters do not win. You were wrong Superintendent, were you not?’
He went back to his seat and picked up his glass, and emptied it. He poured himself another shot and put it on the side table and was quiet for a while.
‘So, you think you have won everything Mr. Bopela, huh? I am sorry to spoil your happiness sir, but you have not won anything. You have political power, yes, but that is all. We control the economy of this country, on whose stability depends everybody’s livelihood, including the lives of those who boast that they have political power, you and your victorious friends. Maybe I should tell you something about us white people Mr. Bopela. I think you deserve it too, seeing how you kept this nonsense warm in your head for thirteen hard years in prison. ‘When I get out I am going to find Ron Peters and tell him to apologize for saying we wouldn’t win,’ you promised yourself. Now listen to me carefully my friend, I am going to help you understand us white people a bit better, and the kind of problem you and your friends have to deal with.’
‘When we planted our flag in the place where we built the city of Salisbury, in 1877, we planned for this time. We planned for the time when the African would rise up against us, and perhaps defeat us by sheer numbers and insurrection. When that time came, we decided, the African should not be in a position to rule his newly-found country without taking his cue from us. We should continue to rule, even after political power has been snatched from us, Mr. Bopela.’
‘How did you plan to do that my dear Superintendent,’ I mocked.
‘Very simple, Mr. Bopela, very simple,’ Peters told me.
‘We started by changing the country we took from you to a country that you will find, many centuries later, when you gain political power. It would be totally unlike the country your ancestors lived in; it would be a new country. Let us start with agriculture. We introduced methods of farming that were not known I Africa, where people dug a hole in the ground, covered it up with soil and went to sleep under a tree in the shade. We made agriculture a science. To farm our way, an African needed to understand soil types, the fertilizers that type of soil required, and which crops to plant on what type of soil. We kept this knowledge from the African, how to farm scientifically and on a scale big enough to contribute strongly to the national economy. We did this so that when the African demands and gets his land back, he should not be able to farm it like we do. He would then be obliged to beg us to teach him how. Is that not power, Mr. Bopela?’
‘We industrialized the country, factories, mines, together with agricultural output, became the mainstay of the new economy, but controlled and understood only by us. We kept the knowledge of all this from you people, the skills required to run such a country successfully. It is not because Africans are stupid because they do not know what to do with an industrialized country. We just excluded the African from this knowledge and kept him in the dark. This exercise can be compared to that of a man whose house was taken away from him by a stronger person. The stronger person would then change all the locks so that when the real owner returned, he would not know how to enter his own house.’
We then introduced a financial system – money (currency), banks, the stock market and linked it with other stock markets in the world. We are aware that your country may have valuable minerals, which you may be able to extract….but where would you sell them? We would push their value to next-to-nothing in our stock markets. You may have diamonds or oil in your country Mr. Bopela, but we are in possession of the formulas how they may be refined and made into a product ready for sale on the stock markets, which we control. You cannot eat diamonds and drink oil even if you have these valuable commodities. You have to bring them to our stock markets.’
‘We control technology and communications. You fellows cannot even fly an aeroplane, let alone make one. This is the knowledge we kept from you, deliberately. Now that you have won, as you claim Mr. Bopela, how do you plan to run all these things you were prevented from learning? You will be His Excellency this, and the Honorable this and wear gold chains on your necks as mayors, but you will have no power. Parliament after all is just a talking house; it does not run the economy; we do. We do not need to be in parliament to rule your Zimbabwe. We have the power of knowledge and vital skills, needed to run the economy and create jobs. Without us, your Zimbabwe will collapse. You see now what I mean when I say you have won nothing? I know what I am talking about. We could even sabotage your economy and you would not know what had happened.’
We were both silent for some time, I trying not to show how devastating this information was to me; Ron Peters maybe gloating. It was so true, yet so painful. In South Africa they had not only kept this information from us, they had also destroyed our education, so that when we won, we would still not have the skills we needed because we had been forbidden to become scientists and engineers. I did not feel any anger towards the man sitting opposite me, sipping a whisky. He was right.
‘Even the Africans who had the skills we tried to prevent you from having would be too few to have an impact on our plan. The few who would perhaps have acquired the vital skills would earn very high salaries, and become a black elite grouping, a class apart from fellow suffering Africans,’ Ron Peters persisted. ‘If you understand this Thula, you will probably succeed in making your fellow blacks understand the difference between ‘being in office’ and ‘being in power’. Your leaders will be in office, but not in power. This means that your parliamentary majority will not enable you to run the country….without us, that is.’
I asked Ron to call a taxi for me; I needed to leave. The taxi arrived, not quickly enough for me, who was aching to depart with my sorrow. Ron then delivered the coup de grace:
‘What we are waiting to watch happening, after your attainment of political power, is to see you fighting over it. Africans fight over power, which is why you have seen so many coups d’etat and civil wars in post-independent Africa. We whites consolidate power, which means we share it, to stay strong. We may have different political ideologies and parties, but we do not **** each other over political differences, not since ****** was defeated in 1945. Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe will not stay friends for long. In your free South Africa, you will do the same. There will be so many African political parties opposing the ANC, parties that are too afraid to come into existence during apartheid, that we whites will not need to join in the fray. Inside whichever ruling party will come power, be it ZANU or the ANC, there will be power struggles even inside the parties themselves. You see Mr. Bopela, after the struggle against the white man, a new struggle will arise among yourselves, the struggle for power. Those who hold power in Africa come within grabbing distance of wealth. That is what the new struggle will be about….the struggle for power. Go well Mr. Bopela; I trust our meeting was a fruitful one, as they say in politics.’
I shook hands with the Superintendent and boarded my taxi. I spent that night in Bulawayo at the YMCA, 9th Avenue. I slept deeply; I was mentally exhausted and spiritually devastated. I only had one consolation, a hope, however remote. I hoped that when the ANC came into power in South Africa, we would not do the things Ron Peters had said we would do. We would learn from the experiences of other African countries, maybe Ghana and Nigeria, and avoid coups d’etat and civil wars.
In 2007 at Polokwane, we had full-blown power struggle between those who supported Thabo Mbeki and Zuma’s supporters. Mbeki lost the fight and his admirers broke away to form Cope. The politics of individuals had started in the ANC. The ANC will be going to Maungaung in December to choose new leaders. Again, it is not about which government policy will be best for South Africa; foreign policy, economic, educational, or social policy. It is about Jacob Zuma, Kgalema Motlhante; it is about Fikile Mbalula or Gwede Mantashe. Secret meetings are reported to be happening, to plot the downfall of this politician and the rise of the other one.
Why is it not about which leaders will best implement the Freedom Charter, the pivotal document? Is the contest over who will implement the Charter better? If it was about that, the struggle then would be over who can sort out the poverty, landlessness, unemployment, crime and education for the impoverished black masses. How then do we choose who the best leader would be if we do not even know who will implement which policies, and which policies are better than others? We go to Mangaung to wage a power struggle, period. President Zuma himself has admitted that ‘in the broad church the ANC is,’ there are those who now seek only power, wealth and success as individuals, not the nation. In Zimbabwe the fight between President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai has paralysed the country. The people of Zimbabwe, a highly-educated nation, are starving and work as garden and kitchen help in South Africa.
What the white man told me in Bulawayo in 1980 is happening right in front of my eyes. We have political power and are fighting over it, instead of consolidating it. We have an economy that is owned and controlled by them, and we are fighting over the crumbs falling from the white man’s ‘dining table’. The power struggle that raged among ANC leaders in the Western Cape cost the ANC that province, and the opposition is winning other municipalities where the ANC is squabbling instead of delivering. Is it too much to understand that the more we fight among ourselves the weaker we become, and the stronger the opposition becomes?
Thula Bopela writes in his personal capacity, and the story he has told is true; he experienced alone and thus is ultimately responsible for it.
Jan 2017 · 849
I'm sorry for being the reason behind those tears
And that wet pillow

I'm sorry for the fractured heart
That bleeds silently
Bleeding agony,disappointments, regrets
And unfulfilled promises

I'm sorry for the the sleepless nights
Of reminiscing I caused you

I'm sorry for being the reason behind that fake smile
You always wear
The loneliness and misery I caused you

I'm sorry for the "I'm a strong big girl " pretence
But deep down torn apart I caused you

I thought what I felt
In my heavy chest was real
I thought strong feelings of affection were there,
That it was love

I'm sorry that I was confused mistaking lust
for love

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything, but it was time I followed
my heart and became honest with myself for once

It was time I find the one I true love

As they say the cost of not following your heart
Is living a regretful life wishing you had

I'm sorry
But  I had to take the journey of  finding
The one who holds the key to my heart,
The journey of finding true happiness

I hope you too.......find happiness one day*


Taetso Jojo.
Jan 2017 · 340
To you who was once close
To my heart,
This is me speaking my heart
And mind in writing

Its unfortunate that you're gone
Considering the road
We travelled together

We came a long way,
Passed a thousand mountains
And toll gates together
Side by Side as one

Our relationship was strong
But you somehow chose to break it,
I fell for you hoping
You'd pick me up, but instead
You managed to break my heart
Without touching my ribs

I always knew the good side of love
You showed me the bad one
It kills me that you're gone for good,
Not pregnant but developing
A new life, you dumped me
And now I have to recycle myself
To come back a brand new me
Cos I'll never be the same without you
Emotionally Im paralised

I Thought we were soul mates
All I ever wanted was love  
Yet you gave me pain,
I can't say I wont miss you
I'll miss you
I miss you now

Yours Taetso Jojo.

Jan 2017 · 517
Sitting On This Rock
Far From Life
I'm Caged
In My Mind,
My Blood Pumping
Is Troubled
Life Itself
Seems To Have Turned
Its Back
Against Me,
I'm Living Under
Its Dark Shadow
From The Light
My Head
Is Spinning,
Nothing Seems To Be
Making Sense
I Keep Asking
My Self Questions
I Can Not Find
Answers To,
We Were All Happy
Last Night
She Seemed Fine
As Always
We Were Enjoying
Each Other's
Talking and Laughing,
I noticed Nothing
Different Bout Her
All Was Right,
But Everything
Was Wrong
When I Woke Up
This Morning,
My Bed Side
Was left Feeling
Empty And Cold
She was gone
Leaving A Note behind
It reads
"I'm sorry But I Can't
Do It Anymore"

Jan 2017 · 17.4k
I am an African
My skin is black
My hair is black
I am black
I take pride in my blackness
For my colour is not a badge
Of shame, but an identity,
Yes black is my identify
Africa is my identity
I am the son  of the black soil,
A soil rich in history
And blessed with diverse cultures
Each unique in their own way,
I am an African
Africa a nation of the oppressed
But slowly rising to conquer
And claim what is theirs
From the oppressors,
Yes the sleeping sons of Jacob
Are rising,  slowly realising
Their potential as nation ,
Yes my fellow Africans are rising
The black nation is on its knees
I'm a proud african,
Africa my roots
Africa my identity
Africa my ancestral land
Africa my home
Africa is who i am
I am African


Taetso jojo
Jan 2017 · 646
Heart beat
My heart beats
For you
Like the
Sound beats
Of an African
Beating the
With his
Heart and soul
Putting all
Into it
For out
Of love
Every beat
Jan 2017 · 650
Giant serpent
The big
Giant serpent
Is still chocking Africa
To a slow
But imminent death
It can not be denied
We are not progressing,
Giant snakes
Take life from us
Our politicians do nothing
But telling lies
"We are all good"
As if Africa is ever free,
They are being used
As shields
That distort the true events,
We can not be free
Unless we see
The binding snake,
Afrika wake up

Taetso Jojo.
Jan 2017 · 281
Darkest Hour
Before Dawn,
Everything is Still
The Universe Asleep
But I'm Wide Awake,
I Hear No Sounds
But Only The Sound
Of My Heart Beat
Beating In Agony,
Whenever I Try to close
My Eyes
All I See Is Memories
Of You
And The History
We Share,
A Happy One
To You
A Painful One
To Me,
So I Decided
To Pay My Journal
A Visit,
Play With Ink
Cos That's Where I Find
It is Not What You Said
But What You Never Said
Tearing Me Apart,
I Always Knew
You'd One Day Leave
And Had Made Peace
With It,
I Just Thought
At least I Was Entitled
To A Goodbye
You Never Said It
You Just Left.....
Now I'm Torn.....

© 2016
Taetso Jojo.
Jan 2017 · 277
Us { She and I }
US { She and I }

Two Doves
By The Lamp
Of God
Feeding In Love
By One Soul
The Day
We Met
In The Skies
The Moon
Lost Its Colour
Turning Pink
Bowed down
In Rejoicing
And rejoiced
In Heavens
What's Meant
To Be


Taetso JoJo.
Jan 2017 · 859
One day Africa
Will rise
And conquer
The world
Developing into
A great place
For its children
Breaking loose
From the Chains
Of mental slavery
Tying it down
To poverty
And be free
From economic
The black child
Will stop
Being fuelled
By greed
Fighting his
Over wealth
That is both theirs
To share
These wars
Will end
Will reign
Upon us
The world
Will bow
Mama Africa
One day
One day.......
I tell you.......
Jan 2017 · 336
Fallen Angels
Loyal Only
To Their
Master Lucifer
Standing Alongside Him
After Weak
And Innocent Souls
Together Fighting
A Losing War
For In The End
Only Those
In Snow
White gowns

© 2016

Taetso JoJo.
Jan 2017 · 353
Missing you
I know you ended things
But I just can't let go

Nights are long days are dark
Cos I don't have you
by my side

I don't choose
Nor decides for my heart
It just happens

Missing you is no choice
But a feeling
And so bad I miss you

I miss the texts
We used to text each other,
the Morning ,and
Goodnight texts

I miss the sleepless nights
Of exchanging pics
On social networks

I miss the way
You used to bite me
Every time we kissed

I miss walking with you
To campus,
I miss how we used help
Each other with school work,
The assignments, And
Tests wrote for each other
When one was away

I miss everything about you
I miss all the memories
We created, especially
The ones created
In that college bench we used
To sit everyday after class

Daily I keep passing there
Hoping to find you
Waiting for me
Telling me
How you've missed you

Remember how we used
To hug each other tightly
Whispering words like
I love you
You're mine
You complete me

I still remember the smile
You gave me
The day
I asked for your number
And confessed
That you capture
My heart
And in my thoughts
You live

Remember how you used
To complain Whenever I took long
To reply to your texts and calls

I miss the hours
We spent planning our future,
A future that now
Seems uncertain

I wonder what
Led to our break up
Because happy
We always were

I miss you
I miss your touch
I miss holding that figure
I miss your smile
I miss your face

I miss everything bout you

I love you..........................
Jan 2017 · 223
in my room
far from crowds
With a pen
and piece of paper
Is where I find
peace of mind
Where I get
to relax thinking
My self out
Penning down
my thoughts
Poetry heals me
Every time I hold
A pen and piece
of paper
All my

© 2016
Jan 2017 · 584
She has given up
She has given up on love
For it has brought her
Nothing but rain

She no longer smiles
For with the rain
Came floods  
That flooded her beautiful
White crystal smile

They all came
In the name of love
Driven by lust

All chapters in her book
Of love are the same
Sunshine at the beginning
Heavy rain at the end

Maybe happy relationships
Weren't meant for her

Maybe love is not for her

She has given up...........
Jan 2017 · 308
Lets take it back
To the streets
Of Oakley
In the early 2000's

In those days
Of our early
When we were young

Back then
When life
Was fun and exciting

Was simple
And easy
We used to enjoy
Each others
Doing all
The naughty
Things together
You were
My partner
In crime

Was young and kind
We used
To appreciate
Each other
Of background
You used
To appreciate me
You used
To appreciate
All the little things
In life
All the small things
I did for you
For us

Then you cared less
Of material stuff
I was ten
You were nine

I still remember
The promise ring
I gave you
At the age of thirteen
You gave me
A black watch
That day
Black was
My favorite colour
Then we knew
Of relationship difficulties
We had no idea
Of love problems
And heartaches

You were so sweet
And innocent
Not even yourself
Thought you'd Turn
Into the person
You are today
I think...........

I knew not
That lovers could
Turn into strangers
I don't know
What happened
To us......
You started being
All moody
Giving an attitude
We stopped talking

We are strangers
With history
We pass
Each other
In the streets
Like nothing ever
Between the two
Of us
I blame you not
I blame age

It is it
That introduced you
To this materialistic world
As we grew older
By your desires
They  took you
Away from me...........

Jan 2017 · 321
How do I
How do I tell her
That for years
I've pretended
To be friends
But every time
I see her
There's something
Heavy growing
In my chest

That feelings
Of affection
Grow stronger
And deeper daily
I can no longer
Hold me

How would it sound
To her
That her smile
Brightens my day
And Whenever
I hold her close
To me
My heart
She's where
I wanna be
For the rest
Of my life

How do I tell her
That for years
I've been slowly
On the inside
When I see her
I'm still dying

How do I say
"You cross
My mind
Now and then
I've always
Been feeling
You were
The piece
To complete me"
To her

Wouldn't it break
Years of friendships
If I expressed
My love
And she don't feel
The same ?

I fear rejection
Would She love me
Like I love her ?
Or break my heart
Like all the others ?

I've always
Loved her
How do I tell her
How do I say
"I love you"

©Taetso Jojo.
Jan 2017 · 289
From Lovers to stranger
We were once Sugar and tea
You added sweetness in my life
Ours was a story
For our grandchildren,
An inspiration to love
But somehow good things
Never last, so they say,
Feelings of affection grew lesser
Each day, Love was no longer there
Only memories remained,
Sharing a room and bed
But living  in separate worlds
A decision to go separate ways
Had to be reached, And
So our separate ways we went
Neither do i blame you
Nor my self
For the separation
Love had left us,
A good story  with a sad ending
We now pass each other  
Like us never existed
Who knew lovers could be strangers
Jan 2017 · 555
Wake up Africa
Central Africa
Is being used As a war zone
To keep us away from it
As we can naturally
Fall back into the center of Africa
Whenever feeling unsafe
Like they would recede
To Poland and Greenland
In times of great hot need

They think they have us
All pinned down
With puppet black presidents
That get elected by black people
Only to take advise
From Europe and ignore
African voices
It is a masonic ploy
To keep the greenest
Natural garden of Africa
As  war zone
To curtail our movements
And keep us locked up
In small pockets
For the finishing blows

it make no sense
Why the central Africans
Never find their peace
Those green lands
Could be farms
Of food to sell us
And cut high prices
It is a masonic plan
Against Africa
Using trusted leaders

©Taetso JoJo
Oct 2016 · 383
Mixed feelings
Mixed emotions
But happy ones,
Yesterday my life had no meaning
Today everything changes
I now have a purpose

But well received
Everything happens for a reason,
She broke the news to me
Last night
"Baby I'm pregnant
You have planted a seed
In me,
A flower is about grow
We must take responsibility
For our actions"

"I'm 'bout to enter motherhood
You fatherhood,
We 'bout to become parents
No longer living for ourselves
But for two ,
Responsible For a life,
A life that should bring
Joy And Happiness
To our hearts,
My love I carry for you
A Prince or Queen"

My stomach
Was filled
With butterflies
I smiled at her ,
Grabbed her hand
And said
"It seems we stuck together
For life now,
Baby For the little one
Let's ride this train
Of love together
To the far corners
Of the universe
Where the railway
We spread our wings
Today I promise you
Sep 2016 · 491
My juliet
When I die
Search for me
Among the million silver stars
In the sky,
There in each star you'll find me

When the sun shines
Bright in the blue sky
With birds flying above
Remember am starring at you
From the clouds smiling above

As your skin feels the blowing winds
Of spring
Blowing day and night
Known in them, is evey touch from me

Whenever you miss my face
Just close your eyes slowly
An' there I will be, beside you
Holding your hand
Like all days

©Taetso Jojo.
Sep 2016 · 441
{ Mama I Made it }
Its graduation day
The day has finally come

A day
You've waited for
Your whole life

A day
We've both been waiting for

A day
Where I get to scream
Your name
With The words "I made it "
Like all those
Who made it before me

The dreams and aspirations
You passed on To me
Have been achieved

The mission
Has been fulfilled
Our shared vision
Has been Visualized

The feeling
Can not be explained
Its not so long ago
When I wore
My first
black and white Uniform
My first grade

Today I'm wearing
That black gown
You've always
Pictured me in
A piece of paper
I've invested almost
Half my life in

The dream
Is kicking in
Couldn't have done it
Without you
I owe you a lifetime
You were here
With me
By my side
To hold my hand
But sadly
Had other plans
For you

God  took you
So soon
Tears of joy
For I know
You've been
A guardian Angel

Hopes she's looking down on me saying I'm proud of you
I'm here in the stars and they don't shine as bright as you
Sep 2016 · 404
{ Sarah }
Water Flows My Cheeks
When I look At You
I See A Happy Past
And What Was Once
A Supposed Future........

Visions of what could
Have been
Keep Flashing
My Head...............

It Hurts To See
That What Could Have Been
Is Now A Broken Glass
Impossible Fix...............

© 2016
Taetso Jojo.
Missing someone badly
Sep 2016 · 401
{ Do you remember }
Do You Still Remember
The Day We Met

It was On A Summer's Day
The Sun Was Shinny
Yet On A Full Moon
Stars Were Visible
In Broad Day Light
The Clouds Were Coloured
In Rainbow Colours

We Were Led To Each Other
By The Blowing Winds Of Love
Blowing In One Direction
Where Our Hearts
Found Each Other
And Connected It Was Like
We Were In The Garden
Of Eden

My Fantasies
Were Brought To Life
I Was Living My Dreams
You Were Sitting
On A Tree Branch
In All Purple With Pink Lips....
Your Curves Were
Of A Mermaid,
Thighs Of An Angel
With Long Shinny
Black Hair
Your Beauty Was Beyond
Any Word
In the Oxford Dictionary
Your Were So Tempting
Marvellously sculpted
By The Sculpture
The Woman Of My Dreams

Sight Of You Stunned Me
My Heart Started Racing
I Could Feel Love
Running Through My Veins
I Fell In Love With You
From A Distance
Though I Fell More In Love
With The Looks

In You
I Had Found the One,
I Though
I Had Found The One,
A Cheerleader
Of My Dreams,
True Love,
Don't you Remember That Day
Do You Ever Sit and Reminisce
About It
Don't you Wish
You Could Revisit Time
And Relive That Day.............
I Wonder What Went Wrong.....
What Ever Made you Left
Must Have Been Big
Maybe My Mistake
Was Being More In love
With Looks.........
She meant the world to me...... Her name is Nobethu Dlamini
Sep 2016 · 614
Dear Caroline
I Can't hold these tears anymore
I Don't know whether its still love
Or obsession

I tried moving on,
Erasing you in my memory,
Pretending you no longer exist
But like a tattoo
Your name is somehow needled
In my heart

Images of you
Are painted in my head
I daily day dream bout you,
Thoughts of our first kiss
On that college bench
Haunt me Daily,
It was on the 9th of February
Valentine's week
Lovers month

Every time I'm in a relationship
Its pretence and artificial happiness
Reality says I'll find true happiness not
Unless its you I'm with

Its hard  to forget you
When you gave everything
To remember,
More harder to forget
I once meant something to you
But now nothing

I've never been so lonely,
This pain
I've never felt

You always knew
How to put a smile
On my face

You're that one girl
who felt more than a lover
My heart will always
Have a soft for

You're that one girl
I'll always love

I miss you



Sep 2016 · 371
Because I Once Loved
Daily I Pretend To Be Happy
Writing Romantic Love
Trying To Find Comfort
In Them
Deep Down Torn,
Still Stuck In The Past
My Heart Refuses To Accept
What Is,
I Cry Myself On The Inside
Wearing Artificial Smiles
On The Outside,
I Though She Loved Me
I Loved Her
I Lived For Her
And In The Process
I Lost Myself
Because I Once Loved

©Taetso Jojo.
Sep 2016 · 605
{ Caroline }
Light skinned
Pink lips
Shinny hair
Gloomy smile

Every time I see her
My brain freezes
Fear flows my veins
Butterflies fill
My stomach

My heart
Starts racing
Summer changes
Into winter
My body cold like
I'm swimming
In ices

Its love
That I have
For her
But words
Of expression
Struggle to come out
My mouth.


Taetso JoJo.
Sep 2016 · 325
My Heart Cries Tears
Of Your Departure
Drowning Me
In A River
Of Ache
Of You
Are Painted
In My Mind
They Keep Playing
In My Head
Without You
I'M An Empty Room
Dark And Cold
Your Arms
We're My Heaven
Your Empty Space
Is Felt
I Still Love You
I Miss You

Sep 2016 · 544
{ Another victim }
Dark Clouds Gathered
The Skies
The Sun Has Stopped
Shinning On Us,
Once Again
Darkness Has Fallen
On Us............

The Emperor Has Spoken
A Star Has Been Picked
Among A Galaxy Of Stars

A Loss To the Human World,
A Gain To The world Of Angels
Grief Downstairs
Celebrations Upstairs

Death Has Passed
And Yet Claimed One Of Us
We Have Lost A Brother
But He's At Peace now
Born On the Other Side
Of Eternal Life,
Yes Death Is Just A Passage
To Eternal Life.....
We live forever
On the other side.......

Sep 2016 · 406
{ Love }
Love Is A Blinder
For It Blinds
Even The Clearest Eye

Love Is Pain
Love Is War,
Internal War

Love Is A Lie
Love Is A Trick

A Trick Played
By The Cruel And Selfish
On The Weak And Foolish

Love Is A Sin

An Unforgivable Sin
That Should Be Cast
Out Of Our Minds

A Sin
That Should Not Render
Or Frail Hearts
Or Will

It Is Nothing
But A Fairytale

Something There's
No Hope For
For It Ends
In Betrayal

Love Is Men's Weakness
Delilah Proved It

It Has Brought Down
To Their Knees
A Great Warrior
Like Samson

Love Is Torture
Love Is Death
Ask Romeo And Juliet
Ask Valentine.....

Even Jesus

Sep 2016 · 865
{ Death }

One Day
Death Will reverse
The Fallen Shall Rise

Graves Will Turn
Bones Will Rise And Reconnect
What Was Dust And Ashes
Will Gather Becoming Flesh

On that day
The Sun Will Rise West
Set East

Death Itself Will Die
The Dead
Will Once Again Speak

One day.....

©Taetso Jojo
Sep 2016 · 373
{ Girl from next door }
{ Girl From Next Door }

The Sweet Sound Of Her Laughter
Hits My Hearts Strings
Warming All Horizon of my heart
With An Unusual Feeling

Her Beauty Is Like A Gentle Flower
From Far Away
Glooming Near the cost
Of River Banks

She Reminds Me Of A heart
I Was Found Refugee

She Reminds me Of Someone
Who Was Once Close To My Heart

© Taetso JoJo.
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
The secret admirer
The Secret Admirer

Will Appear
Deep In Your
Just Before
When It Is
Like An Angel
Of God
In White
From Above
And Whisper
The Gift
Of love
In Your Ears
Red Roses

Taetso jojo

— The End —