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Sophia Rose May 2014
For a conversation needed

We can go back to the way we were

That we can be mended

This fight will come to an end

We will stay this way

It is up to me

I'm sorry
Sophia Rose May 2014
I miss you
Your touch
Your life
Your smile
I miss us
Our jokes
Our secrets
Our conversations
Who knew that would come to an end
Sophia Rose May 2014
Alone in her room she sits on this day
She hopes he is with her, so she prays
For he cannot see her, gown and all
Except maybe from the shadows on the wall
Dressed up in white with an image on her flowers
How these seconds seem like hours
She puts on a smile and plays the part
Knowing her daddy is in her heart
The tags she kept on even for today
Her wedding, she planned, on Memorial Day
In honor of her father and so she sheds a tear
And thanks him in silence for his lost life means she doesn't have to live in fear
Sophia Rose May 2014
I remember the first time I fell for you
When you asked me if I wanted you to hold my hand
So I wouldn't trip going up the hill
Who would predict I would fall for you
I told myself that it was unrealistic as my best friend longed for you
For your touch and your gaze
I never thought I would fall for you too
The months went by and we grew closer
Long conversations and catching each other staring back in class
I had wished those days would always last
But the school year came to an end
Off to our separate high schools we were sent
And on our last day together
We went off with a hug
And to this day I still regret
Never knowing that was love
Sophia Rose May 2014
There are two ways a relationship can go
We break up
Or we are married
Both are equally scary
Sophia Rose May 2014
A hometown should be one of pleasant memories
Going down to the creak, playing games in the streets
Not in this renown hidden town
A town full of dread and full of sorrow
Fulfilling the rich and suffering the poor
The unwelcomed guests welcomed all around
How I once was proud this was my hometown
My home will forever be in this town bearing misery
Until I get the courage to leave
Sophia Rose May 2014
I live in a house built for three
But the walls surrounding me house four
My time spent here can no longer be
You see, I am the one on the other end of the door
I am the fourth crowd that will tear this house down
That smile we used to share no longer fills the air
A crowd our we and so I must leave
This silent house needs to be free
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