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Sheldon Dsouza Mar 2015
Broken hearts are stronger than those intact, for the broken cannot be broken further is a fact.
Sheldon Dsouza Mar 2015
It’s the beginning of the monsoons and of the week,
A clouded chilly one with the clouds blanketing the sun.
I’m struggling to get out of bed and into my daily routine,
Running late as always, there’s never time for fun.

The first rains of the season were not welcomed with a smile,
Cars, Buses and mopeds splashing and spraying water all around.
People cursing the rains and others on the roads,
Racing to the office is not as easy as it may sound.

It’s a dark dull day with no sunshine to light my path,
And the rain to rob me of the dryness I had left.  
As a child I remember this being different in every way,
The rain bringing me cheer and happiness, never indulging in theft.

Stopping at a red light, all wet and soggy,
I see this small figure making way between the vehicles standing.
On every window and door she knocked with enthusiasm,
This little girl hopping around in every puddle landing.

Trying to sell the water lilies she had in her hand,
Not letting the frowns or the drops of rain her spirit lower.
She shines off all the hate and the disgust,
Through the muck and water walking to sell this pretty flower.

All of the dullness and gloom she got rid.
A smile on my face and in my heart she brought,
This little girl with those bright water lilies,
Like the flower she sold, all eyes and hearts she caught.

Bringing smiles and spreading fragrances in times so dull,
The water lily blooms in the muck and conditions degrading.
So did this little ******* this dark rainy day,
Returning cheer and happiness drained in the rain by blooming.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Out on the road in the middle of the night,
I made my way with no one in sight.

Hugging all the tight corners and vrooming on the straights,
Burning tyre rubber at alarming rates.

Little did I know at that hour along the next turn,
There'd be another person.

With the wind in her hair and one of the most lovely face,
She rode her little pink vespa with amazing grace.

I happened to have crossed paths with her in a traffic rule breaking fashion,
A move I made with deadly precision.

Instantly she uttered that lovely swear word with a sweet loud tone,
"*******" she said, raising her ******* alone.

Wrong I was and would've apologized if I could stop,
But in a hurry I was and a high speed it all to top.

Late that night, those stream of events ran through my head,
I pondered on it as I lay in bed.

Swear words! Instantly blurted in the spur of the moment,
Yet originating from the heart's deepest cavity and vent.

Pure to the core,
No hidden meaning they store.

Swear words may have been considered in appropriate and shunned in the world,
Yet they convey what a person feels most appropriately when they are hurled.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Sitting out here on the perch,
In the deepest depths of my mind I search.
Searching for memories in the past,
Guess good things have never been made to last.

Leaving behind the cherished few,  
I set out on a journey I ne'er knew.
Leaving behind the place to which I belonged,
On a call I waited for and longed.

Was it the right thing to do,
There may have been another option or two.
Back then I had no option or so I thought,
Within myself a hundred voices I fought.

I travelled far and wide,
Following life wherever it took me.
Lone and lost with no one to confide,
I carried looking for someone to walk by my side.

Flying over a sea of sadness,
Lost as the day goes into darkness.
If I fall would there be anyone to raise me up,
Or will I be the forgotten one?

Words only lead me to the cracks in my disguise,
A mask I once put on to cover the helpless cries.
My flesh a prison for the man behind these eyes,
Wanting to break loose from these ties.

Often the question to me is put,
What changed when here you laid your foot?
What made me withdraw myself into this shell?
I pondered hoping something would ring a bell.

The winds blew hard just then,
I rose and fell  for ten times ten.
Thats when it struck me like a lightning bolt,
Life has changed its pace and Id felt the jolt.

Cribbing and crying I was till now,
Always doubting and raising that eyebrow.
Well life doesn't care not a single bit,
You gotta be fit or thats it.

Be assured you are gonna be tossed and rolled,
May be once, twice or even ten times fold.
Your mettle will be tested no doubt,
Cant afford to let loose or grow stout.

Travelling at speeds never seen before,
Flying into my future and what was in store.
I still cribbed upon the moments I couldn't capture,
The short meetings and departures.

Well I was wrong about that I knew not then,
The moments will come again you know not when.
It aint and never will be in the hands of men,
But you will definitely be greeted by those moments again.

A word you may not recieve from the cherished few,
For long you could go without those moments sweet as dew.
Forgotten you may think you are but you're not,
Always remembered and awaited for by that huge lot.

Right then I saw everything clearly,
I could stretch my wings freely now.
I was back to my old self again,
Finally out of my dark murky den...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
"The trouble with loyalty to a cause, is that the cause will always betray you."
-Transformer quote
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Cage a tamed and it will go wild. Set a wild free and it will be tamed.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Her smile,the best thing to happen to me in a while.
Took the pain,
and all the drops of rain.
Replaced it with a feeling so joyful and unique,
a feeling a man would to the end of time hunt and seek.

Sometimes shy, sometimes just outright joy, sometimes naughty, sometimes just outright fun,
her smile, a combination of all the heavenly feelings in the book put into one.

With that sweet smile of hers,
the sweetest dessert she offers.
Could stay hungry all day, just to have that sweet smile I could stay.

Her smile, her strongest weapon,
could cause wars and offer a peaceful solution.
Her smile is one thing that no one would ever want to miss,
her smile the perfect definition of pure bliss.

So do it with class or do it with style, the truth is your smile is the best thing to happen to me in a while.

Smile once, smile twice, any one would suffice.
Whats that I see, a smile I guess, breath taking I must confess.
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